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I've got a lot of time and respect for everton and its fan base..... especially having to put up with snivelling self indulgent media-darling red-shite constantly gloating over the road.

Shame the friendly ain't at Goodison tho... one last trip to the grand old ladys away end would be great. Fingers crossed for the cup draws.

Goodison is a great ground


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You've got nothing to fear, currently 3-1 down against the might that is Sligo Rovers. :LOL: As you might surmise, playing dreadfully.

Edit : 3-3, it's the hope that kills you !

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Are we having a bucket collection at the game to help them pay their debtors? If we could raise half of the £200m, that would be a decent effort. Alternatively, the Everton 'board' could put £200m worth of their players on red/or black in the casino pre-match, and go for sh*t or bust.


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Wife got her 3 tickets for the Everton end. I’m going g to try and get my tickets as close as possible to the away end to give her and her scouse mates some grief.

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