Player ratings


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Aug 1, 2011
Don't think Waghorn is getting the credit he deserves for a genuinely high quality bit of final third cutting edge for his goal, which I don't believe any of our other strikers would have taken.

Superbly weighted outside of the foot first touch to play himself in, little step over to buy himself the split second he needed to hit a smart finish at goal.

He might not be a 3m player anymore but think he will contribute some much needed guile and attacking experience over the next few seasons.
He also fluffed a few chances to play others in with relatively simple passes. Fair play to him, I'm glad he got his goal. Think I'd rather see Godden come in though at this moment in time.


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Jun 5, 2020
So many encouraging performances today. We looked like a genuinely good Championship side.

I'll probably get lynched for this, but I would replace O'Hare with Allen next game, and bring Sheaf in to play with Hamer.
Not a bad idea for games where Ohare can do with a rest but surely Cardiff is a game you would start him winning bucket loads of free kicks