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Sky Blue Pete

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Tried to pull grouped questions together and not monopolise them al
Hopefully these cover a lot of what we want covered

Thanks everyone

Hi Colin

Any plans to use a different ticket provider than Ticketmaster?
Can the club make it possible for JSB vouchers to be used and tickets purchased on line for those living far away from Coventry?
Any reason for dropping armed services tickets and any plans to reintroduce them?
Any plans to change block availability and open them all to aid supporters planning?

Summer recruitment plans and general priorities if promoted?

Is there an ongoing maintenance and enhancement plan for the CBS?
Specific question about tannoy audibility.

Are there any plans to adjust points process for the away ticket allocation?
Details on ticket access at each stage and points for iFollow purchases?

Is there a timeline for season tickets, including availability in the south stand?
Conclusions from trial?

Offer of support for public transport action plan and crowd control/car parking egress action plan.
What are the clubs thoughts on how to improve fan experience in both these areas?

Are there are any further upgrades at Ryton and any plans for Cat 1 academy provision?



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