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I am trying out a new feature which should work like predictions and a last man standing type game.

So if you go here: Pickem

The standard predictions will let you pick home team, away team or draw and give you points based on correct guesses. The times on there are the times that predictions close (will make that clearer) so usually an hour before kickoff.

The last man standing will give you 3 lives, you get to pick a team and if they win you keep your lives. If they lose, you lose one!

To join one, just click "Join Pool / Join Game" and then you can manage your predictions by clicking on this button:


It is pretty new and I am still testing how it works / functions so any issues just give me a shout.


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@Nick do you need to activate this weeks games? It all seems locked out for me. Can't see the fixtures.


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Can nt seem to log in today 27dec, is it just me or is there a problem. Looks like I ll miss some games.

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