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David O'Day

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1 classic burger, 1 cheese burger, 8 wines and a bag of pick n mix for my post spliff sweet treat...... I'd defo give this a whirl if its rolled out for the rest of the season.
Wine at the Football? Wow


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I think this is what Doug is trying to do though. Hospitality is not supposed to be cheap, it's for Corporate guests and businesses. We're not in L2 anymore and it was so cheap that it was becoming a bit of a place to go and sniff coke with your mates and get wasted. Already this season a large part of that has gone away and yet even with the massive price increases Legends and Club Coventry are sold out. I would imagine prices in hospitality will go up again next season and i believe they are renovating the lounges. In such a short space of time i would say they have done a pretty good job and started to offer lots of variety.

If we get to the promised land the demand for hospitality will be unreal. At HR the waiting list for boxes and Vice Presidents seats was years and years. At one point the Vice Presidents club was passed onto Family members as they knew they would never get tickets again if they gave them up.

Yeah the promised land ? For example, Liverpool are charging over £300 for a seat in hospitality in the new stand, behind the goal, and you ONLY get 5 drinks and some food. 😱

And that's just for one game.
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Yeah I think it is steep really at £105.

Not sure how much a seat would cost individually up there, but lets say its £60. So £45 for your food and drink. Think you'd need to get a good 6-8 pints down you before it becomes good value.
Fucking light weights on here!!!
Id be 6-8 pints in before the teamsheet comes out!

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