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Good Evening :)

I know there is a lot of gatekeeping in football regarding who you support etc so I’m hoping writing here will help etc

I want to become a Coventry City fan because it was my Grandad’s team who passed away nearly 30 years ago (I’m 38) we never got to go a game or any football game he’s the one person in my family who was interested in sport and football etc and it hurts to this day I never got to do any football games with him

I don’t want to go into the reasons why I don’t watch my own team anymore Chester FC I have my reasons and I miss my football fix.

I do have a small YouTube channel and will want to document the journey as well mainly so I’ll have memories of it as it is emotional the reasons behind me becoming a Coventry fan

I’ve always kept an eye for your results and the FA Cup semi final I had tears in my eyes at how close you come to winning and celebrating the goals it gave me a fire in my belly and that passion I’ve missed real feelings for the football club which has come from the memory of my Grandad

I want to go full in - season ticket and try and go every away game.

I need advice on where is best to get a season ticket and also anyone who’s willing to take me under their wing as I’ll be mainly coming by myself

Thanks for reading!


Never forget that trip up there for the cup game in the seventies, Ian Rush playing for you,2-1 if I remember, one of our lads trying to give it the big man and then that awful scene near Nantwich with our fan's set to at a perfectly hospitable pub.
Welcome to our club!


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we were in block 30 last season. great view, but a bit light on atmosphere. we're moving to block 10 for next season. so between the noisy lot and the away fans. the view looks great, and we're hoping for a big step up in atmosphere.

enjoy, wherever you end up.

Brighton Sky Blue

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As the club is in its current setup then it’s non league forever which isn’t what the vision of the club was when it reformed. The ‘board’ don’t seem to have any interest in progressing the club by looking for investment which needs to happen - Chester could be an EFL club in the correct hands.

Cal signed 6/7 strikers last season and none worked - Willoughby was more luck than judgement as he’s never scored goals in his career and had a purple patch at Chester. Tactically he’s not that great either - Boston manager Ian Culverhouse was interviewed and if he was along side Cal for an interview at another club apart from Chester you’d appoint Culverhouse look at what he’s done this season with Boston. It’s a clique on the board at Chester and Cal is big mates with them all - The former media person is somehow now GM of the club?! Again his mates on the board.

I do get where you’re coming from but I’m not as it stands going back to watch Chester until some form of progression is shown and the football operations side shows ambition.

Lots of fans have a non league side and a bigger side to support and I’ve taken the decision and the reasons why above it holds a place close to my heart because of my Grandad to support Coventry and things could change in the future but I’ll always still come watch Coventry
It’s my grandad that gives me a soft spot for Sunderland…not that you’re allowed to have one on here!


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Do you think if I went the ground someone could show me the seating?
Are you aware of a website called 'A View From My Seat'? Lots of photos posted by people from their seats at venues all around the globe. Quite a few from various blocks in the CBS, from gigs as well as matches. You do have to allow for the deceptive impression cameras can sometimes give, but it's worth a look.

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