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Most people who live a long way from here, seem to think i'm a bit "Brummy".

But people from closer i.e Midlands, definitely seem to be able to identify it as Cov.

Where abouts in Cov are you from?


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Bedworth :)

But i've not really got that full Bedworth lilt.... i'm more Ash Green way and i never associated quite as much with the people from "real" Bedworth

My sons grandad is from Bedworth and sounds like a full blown Northerner to me. Can’t understand what he’s saying half the time.


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Pulled a Leicester bird in Gran Canaria years ago.She reckoned i sounded like a Brummy.She was a top ride though,so all was forgiven.

Brighton Sky Blue

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Mrs BSB pointed it out in the Kyle McFadzean chant from how ‘Kyle’ gets pronounced. Hadn’t noticed before but it’s uncanny

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