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Brilliant signing.

We're some posters who said he's shit and only plays cos robins loves him just a few weeks ago. I think that might have just been frustration at a bad result being taken out on him though. Or perhaps not wanting to see him in midfield for even a second.

For me he is a steady Eddie in every position he plays and big part of our success this year.
Robins master plan was of course long term a back 3 of Latabadieure RCB Thomas CB KItching LCB with MVE and Da Silva wing backs. I think Sakamoto was bought as a no.10 initially as i suspect they thought Ohare may move on. Of course as things have transpired Sakamoto and Wright seem much better in a 4-2-3-1 and Da Silva has not worked and Bidwell i s better in a back four as an orthodox FB. I dont mind 4 CBs in Kitching Binks Thomas and Latabadieure fighting for 2 spots and at the moment i wonder how Thomas and latabadieure would do together.
Pre season will be the chance Robins gets to try all these combinations (i think we will sign Binks as it happens)

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