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Hopefully you know the score, this is a fund set up to help purchase season tickets for individuals, families and children who for whatever reason, need a helping hand.
A massive thank you from the previous 6 years, over £54,000 raised to date and hundreds of season tickets purchased from your donations.

Please be as generous as you can and share on all social media with friends, fellow fans and anyone who can spare a few pounds.

Donate Here

If you do donate, please be careful, the site now has an element just below your donation called a “tip” which is supposed to help keep the site alive, Go fund me do take a small percentage off every donation so it is up to you but I would recommend that you make that zero

If you know someone who would benefit from a season ticket then nominate below with as much details as possible as to why they should benefit, it doesn’t just have to be financial, there are many reasons why you may want someone to benefit.

Nomination Form

If you cannot donate or nominate then please, its free to share the links on all of your social media platforms so we can help as many as possible this year.

Lets make Year 7 a fantastic one.

Thank You for your generosity

Mild-Mannered Janitor

Kindest Bloke on CCFC / Maker of CCFC Dreams
Thank you for the early donations, as pay day approaches, if you have a few spare pounds, it makes all the difference.
If you can share on social media then that would be great as well please

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