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And I also said he would on a previous thread . His buy out clause was £8.9 million. He was also told by Sheffield to stop coming to CBS for back door meetings with DK & MR . Be great to get him back .

He’s coming back to the championship, not back to Coventry City.


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Announce him and Biamou returning before the SF, victory and a carnival atmosphere guaranteed.
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Black armbands all round for Grendel's meltdown.


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Hes got 3 goals 5 assists now this season. I can see him being picked up by someone like Brentford in the summer.


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Hamer does seem to be one of only a few Sheffield United players that can spark moments in that terrible squad. He'd look fine in the Prem with better players around him.

Would imagine they would be keen to recoup money. I wonder what they would ask if low end Prem teams came sniffing around in the summer?

another 1-1.5m potentially coming out way?


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Which is a good move really. Gus's value probably peaked when we sold him.
You never know, players can go for silly money after a half decent season in the prem.

Sheff Utd was the wrong move in hindsight. At least Burnley are trying to play good football. SU are just useless and no one comes out of it looking good.

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