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Whats going on every season its the same thing we start off great then by december were battling relagation with a injury list the lenght of our arms.Im not sure how long the team each season can get away with this as we nearly got relagated last season true colmen has broguht in some new faces but as it was said at the start of the season if these 1st team players get injured we dont have the depth our strenght in the squad to go through a few games without losing as its showing now i feel.Hopefully we get our full strenght team back soon before its too late and were stuck in the 2nd half of the league because the squad isnt strong enough and what happens if we get injuries when these loan signings go back as we will really miss cork in midfield is he goes back to chelsea.Its not shaping up to be a good season for us i just hope it cant be turned around before its too late as im starting to loose faith in the team as i know the can do better then this.


Yeah, both Cork and Van Aanholt will be going back to Chelsea and we will see what happens with the 2 young lads Madine and Hussey if they will stay or not.

I am not sure what it is with us and injuries, is it something we do in training? Do we need new backroom staff to look after the players?


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Yeah I noticed this... Its always the same with us every season its very frustrating for us fans.
On the other hand we'r not that far behind in terms of points... we just gotta win 3 or 4 games... Don't lose hope just yet.


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It confuses me aswell that we get great loan signings but then start sliding down the table so why would they want to stay after 3 months with a team that is not performing well.we need our full strenght team back for dec period win 4 games get the points and morale back id say then the loan signings might consider extending there loan period otherwise i cant see us climbing back up the table.We as he fans have waited so long for this infamous promotion push yet every season seems to be the opposite end of the table were pushing closer towards.
I would argue that, even without our loan players, our first XI, when not injured or sold, can take on any team in the division- see the opening day victory over Ipswich, when I think we only had 1 loanee (van Aanholt) in the team.

However, behind that first XI, we don't have the quality back-up that other Championship teams enjoy- we're forced to rely on the youth academy players which is a hit and miss policy in the Championship which we can't really afford to deal in.

Hopefully SISU will spend the money we got from Dann and Fox in January on some decent players to cover all positions.

As for the slide, it usually occurs a lot later in the season, after January. Mind you, I wouldn't say we were in great danger last season of relegation- when it was confirmed the Chelsea game was taking place, we just seemed to stop giving a monkey's and let the season drift away.

I hope this bad patch of form right now is just a blip and we can press on from hereonin.


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