Favourite Ever Concert ?


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Mar 19, 2011
Nottingham, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Saw Bruce Springsteen and the e street band at stafford bingley hall , must have been about 84 85, Stevie Wonder at the nec some years back now was also very good. stiff little fingers at the locarno, or was it tiffanys back then ? i do recall that gig turned into a battle royal !!
Jun 29, 2020
He’s great isn’t he. Met him a few times
Not above his station at all easy going genuine guy who respects his position.i did tell him I had some of their albums and singles though he was so thankful also for the pint of Heineken I bought him!!
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Mar 25, 2011
My first, and will always be, my best ever gig.

Oasis supported by the Verve at Earls Court ‘97.

The whole weekend was just crazy and it culminated in us jumping a train towards Wales to go to a mushroom festival with a couple of German hippies.

We got as far as Shrewsbury. Me and my brother managed to make it back to Cov that night and our two mates stayed on the platform all night. One got a blow job off one of the German girls who couldn’t speak a word of English, which I still take my hat off to this day, and the other one used their small dog as a pillow.

In recent times Gerry Cinnamon at Brixton Academy was class. Think I went with expectations that it was going to be quite a chilled out gig but it was bedlam from start to finish.

Also special mention to Bruce Springsteen at the Ricoh. A class act.

Most disappointing was Ocean Colour Scene, who I love, in Milton Keynes. Was such a flat boring gig.