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Mar 25, 2011
Marlon Devonish was a 5th year when I started at Cally so technically went to school with him for a year.

Ian Evatt was a couple of years younger than me and knew him to say alright to but wouldn’t have classed him as a mate.

Adam Balding was a good mate of mine throughout school and we played rugby together for years. Needless to say his career turned out a bit better than mine as he went on to play for Leicester and Gloucester amongst others. Haven’t seen him in a good few years now though.

Also, played rugby with everyone’s favourite ex-Wasps player Andy Goode for a number of years as a young kid at Barkers Butts.


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Feb 27, 2017
Didn't go school with Terry Angus, so kind of against the thread... But I used to play football with him when I was 8/9 down Tutbury avenue when he was at Fulham.. Used it have a kick about with us... He eventually got me trials at Coventry.

Kevin keegan released Terry and as we know he went on to captain the Borough
Used to know Terry in a past life, top bloke. Met Oggy through him when I was a young lad. Pretty sure it was Micky Adams that released him from Fulham mind you. Might be wrong though 👍


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Feb 24, 2015
I was in the same year as Marcus Hall, I played RB or RM in the school team and Marcus played LM.