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Sporting Lisbon will not allow Sweden forward Viktor Gyokeres, 25, to leave unless someone matches his 100m euros release clause, with several Premier League and Serie A clubs interested in the attacker. (Record - in Portuguese)

well that was quicker than I thought it would take. He won't be going anywhere in January but imagine if we can get another 10-15m out of the deal within 12-18 months 💰


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Is Jordan Shipley injured? Haven't seen his name on the team sheet for weeks.


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Jodi Jones is a very talented player and if he hadn't had those acls and had stayed with us he would be one of our best players.
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Watched Gus against Arsenal earlier. Anonymous (granted against excellent opposition) and seems a bit wasted in the number 10 role.
He was highest rated of the united players today. Wasted.

Good to see he tried an effort from half way line which sailed wide unfortunately.

Wasted in that team.

Think heckingbottoms times up..1 point in 10 games


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Will Hamer get booed when he plays us next season, like every other player who comes back to play us?

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