Podcast Episode 236 – Champions

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    Well, after a lot of waiting and a lot of mulling things over, everyone decided what we already knew: Coventry City were the best team in League One this season and were going to win the league anyway… so they might as well just make us bloody champions. Good call.

    It wasn’t how we’d have liked, but by gosh, we are going to mark the occasion with a celebratory pod.

    Wacky circumstances call for wacky responses, so the Niis have gone with a mad five-man line up to wrap up the campaign. Joey, Paul, Neil, Laurie and Dom all join the panel to give one big hip-hip hooray for the League One champs, and run through some awards for the season.

    Thanks for all your loveliness this year. We hope you enjoy this farewell to League One as much as we did!

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