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Morocco manager must be as good as Southgate then because they finished 4th last world cup , such was the level of competition in Qatar 🙄

The same morocco that drew 3-3 with Cape Verde less than 6 months later

Matt smith

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Was listening to the ‘second tier podcast’ today really enjoy it.

One of the two presenters was deadly serious on saying Ben sheaf should be in that squad ahead of Henderson and Gallagher as a six, some statement.

David O'Day

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My point is you can’t ‘unleash’ players all over the pitch without making compromises elsewhere. International football in 2024 is an inherently defensive game, but England apparently can’t play two DMs, or 3ATB, or one up front without being accused of playing anti-football.
really? that wasn't your point was it

no one was really having a whinge about the formation

the utter pish you come out with to defend Southgate is unreal, you can be more expansive than we are and lots of teams are

you pretend international football is all the same but we'll add this to the utter wank you have talked about philips and henderson

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