Video Coventry players RETURN, George Boateng and Rhys Carr take first session 🏃 | CITY UNSEEN EP094 ⛫ (1 Viewer)


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Seems quite quiet but new teachers often get that period where the class isn’t sure what they can get away with yet and maybe the players are just having their first day with new bosses so aren’t going to have a bunch of in jokes and messing about 🤷🏻‍♂️

Cov kid 55

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Fucking boring

Love a City Unseen after a game we all do, but doing it for training sessions is pointless.

No one gives a fuck if Jamie Allen did well on the rowing machine, give us some signings or a shirt to be excited by not inane fucking yawnathon content
I enjoyed it. MVE seems to have a good relationship with Robins.


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No inkling of Bob Thomas threatening to shove George’s whistle up his arse, yet - good signs, very encouraging.

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