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Okay, so not a Coventry gig, but just come across a band called The Coventry.

Very 80's sound with a Cocteau Twins/Cure/Bauhaus kind of vibe.

Anyone heard of them? ARE they from Coventry I wonder.

clint van damme

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Currently nursing a hangover after seeing Elvana last night at HMV Empire.
It wasn’t a full house but they didn’t disappoint.

Didn't make it on the end for various reasons,glad you enjoyed it.
Wedding present up next for me.
See the HMHB gig at the Empire is now confirmed.


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Nothing but Thieves at Resorts World tonight.

Nor been to a ‘big concert venue’ for a while’ - maybe I’m old but I prefer the smaller venues.

And/or I’m still cold and moody from the way longer than expected walk from International to the Arena with a partner in heels…


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Any good? They're supporting Green Day which is slightly annoying as other places have Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid, The Hives or The Interrupters

Have only listened to a couple of tracks but wasn't too impressed

They were quite good live - not as good as others. They have quite a range of songs, so quite tricky for their lead singer I reckon.

I was surprised how many of their songs I knew actually, so that certainly helped!


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Not Cov based but neither am I so I’ll stick it here anyway…but off to see ‘Oh My God it’s the Church’ tonight in Cardiff.
I’ve got high hopes.


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The K’s at the Empire tonight.

Hadn’t heard of them three weeks ago, but been look at local venues (Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester etc) and this one stood out as a date that worked and for £16 a ticket it was worth it.

I’ve spent the last three weeks listening to them to the point I’m genuinely excited now!

Dragged my partner along and just had a pint at The Flying Standard as novelty, I’m not in the good books!


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Oh FFS completely forgotten this one.
Will try to get up after the rugby.
Best check first to see if it's sold out.
Pretty sure it won't be sold out.

I'm at the rugby too.

Could be messy by the time Gedge and co. take the stage.


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Not Coventry, but if anyone is thinking about going to see Tom Clarke at the O2 Academy (B'ham) on the 27th, I've got a link to tickets for £5. Just ask.

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