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Joe murphy sent off in the 102 minute for Tranmere.

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Sky Blue Harry H

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Ipswich scraping another win.
Very lucky, scrappy shite goal.
They keep scoring very late to get results!

At the moment. that's a good result for us. Even if we go on a great run, it won't be them we're chasing down. If we have a stinking run, then Rotherham can keep faltering.

Edit: me and my big mouth 2-2 :ROFLMAO:


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Watching Sunderland game they are 1 up .A bit before the goal a Sunderland player got a free kick when he lent into the Brum. player and fell over when he moved away the ref bought it as a foul.To me it seems as though you fall you get a foul .


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Last night watched all the Championship goals - most were from breakaway / counter attack positions - it seems we are just too slow getting up the field with all this tippy tappy stuff in our own half - by the time we are up there there are 5 across the back in front of the goal - Gyok could accelerate away and so could Adam Armstrong but now we don’t have that speed from individuals so are relying on supply from the midfield which is sadly lacking - hopefully MR and AV are working on it

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