Match Thread Bristol City V Coventry City

Brighton Sky Blue

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Jan 11, 2012
Reminded me of the Scunthorpe home game first one back in League One. Didn't deserve to lose and last 15 mins of first half was a joy to watch, they couldn't get near us. Get the fitness levels up and we'll be fine (y)
We also missed hatfuls of chances that season. Sure Godden will adapt but we should have been well ahead by the time fitness came into it


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Mar 20, 2011
I've seen it back a few times now, we were definitely zonally marking. The winner was down to the deficiencies of zonal marking rather than Shipley losing his man. Shipley was marking a zone not a man

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Aug 17, 2011
Impressed with how we passed the ball and played football in 1st half, despite the early knock back. Showed good character and we were the better team for most of the game. Shame we couldn't find a second and enforced subs didn't help, we just seemed to run out of steam. Still, early days ... a bit more discipline at the back and we will be OK.


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Aug 26, 2016
We were very poor in the first half but you played very well throughout. Didn't deserve to lose.
This game showed us what we needed. You were more clinical than us.

We’d have gotten away with that In league one

When we were on top we didn’t hammer it home. When you got on top, you scored and knocked what ever we had left out of us.

Obligatory good luck for the rest of the season apart from St Andrews!


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Jan 16, 2013
I don’t care if he’s one of our own, very very poor from Shipley.

There’s a reason why teams haven’t looked at him, but the likes of bayliss , Maddison and Wilson catch other teams attention, there good players.

But the general performance of others was good today , we should be ok over the course of the season
Ive said before that Shipley lacks concentration and thats the thing letting his game down! He has improved his concentration but still makes the odd stupid mistake and he really needs to up his stamina, perhaps thats why he lacks full concentration because of his lack of stamina if he could improve on both of them he does make a decent squad player

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Jul 25, 2012
Two sloppy gift of goals but overall we played well . I don’t think we will be far off come the end of the season after watching the game today. Keep it up and keep the faith #PUSB

Sky Blue Harry H

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Feb 9, 2011
Who do we drop for rose? Ostigard and hyam were both amazing and mcfadz is our main man.
Not for dropping anyone yet, but as we saw today (e.g. Pask cramp, Kelly going off, players picking up cards), we need quality in the squad when we need substitutions,.
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May 25, 2013
Also lads and lasses, let's not forget this side is up their with the youngest in the football league for average age... They look like they love playing football, bossed it for an hour and will continue to grow over the season... This ain't no side that's going to spend all season struggling... Never in a million years... If anything we've massively underestimated our progress


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Aug 18, 2010
Our play looked promising. Proper football.

Once our fitness levels improve, which I believe won't take long, and we can play for 90 mins like we did for the first 60 (bar the first 30 seconds) I believe we will be ok.

Bristol are pushing for the playoffs, and we out played them for large parts of the game. That can't be anything but promising.


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Dec 9, 2011
Felt we looked disjointed after Hamer went off! Disappointing not get a point but on to the next. PUSB
We lost a bit of shape but not sure if that was as much tiredness as anything.
Again, I'm just not comfortable with Shipley lying deep, he doesn't like being given the ball in tight positions and gives it away a lot, nowhere defensively either.
Don't want to take the aggression out of Hamer but he'll need to be tightly managed of he isn't to miss half the season suspended.
Anyway, onwards and upwards
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Jan 7, 2016
Bristol City got out of jail today, the accuracy and tempo of our passing game first half
was absolutely fantastic and at times sublime, to lose Kelly and Hamer (will need to try
and calm him down) was massive, but definitely more positives than negatives to take
from that game IMHO.
I’ve always been quietly optimistic about what we might achieve this season and I’ve
seen nothing today that makes me think otherwise’ in fact if anything it’s strengthened
my optimism.
honestly believe we will win more than we will lose and if we get a bit of luck (unlike today)
the playoffs are definitely not beyond us PUSB