Ban on eBikes and eScooters in Town (2 Viewers)


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It wouldn’t take much. Make residential streets 20mph and pedestrians and cycles first. Put segregated bike lanes in for faster roads.

TBF I’ve just actually read the article and it does seem like the council recognise they’ve been caught unawares with lack of cycle lanes. I do think nationally the law needs to figure out what to do when you’ve got “bicycles” that can go 30mph.

clint van damme

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Seen loads in Earlsdon today.
Has banning them from town just pushed them out to other areas?


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If they're limited to 15.5mph I'll suck of Jacob Recee-Mogg!
We have three e-bikes and two e-scooters. All are limited, per the law, to 15.5mph, and are only used on the road or bike lanes (overseas in the case of the e-scoots, which live in the back of the motorhome).
I could very easily de-limit all of them, but quite frankly, that's fast enough for me and 'er.
If I want to go faster I borrow her car - and probably sit in stationary traffic.

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