Adam johnson ( nottingham panthers ) dies in freak accident (3 Viewers)


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I would've thought that despite the difference in the Hughes Cricket incident versus this, it would definitely be cited as part of the defence to highlight that tragedy can occur in sport. As someone without any co-ordination who can't skate, let alone play hockey on ice, it's impossible for me and I assume many of you, to say how accidental it was. It looks an unusual position, it looks clumsy at best, but again I'd trust the word more of those who play or have played the game and there appears to be possibly multiple opinions on each side. On top of that, for a jury without such expertise, to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt feels a stretch.
Ah, but if I can refer you to Robinson v Wade, 1872 and Alcock v Blenkinsop, 1923, you will that reasonable doubt can indeed be found.

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