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Was there. Wasn't it the goal that put Armstrong on 20? He went weeks without scoring.


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You can really see the difference in overall quality from what we see now a days.


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The most boring 2-0 win ever. On this day in 2005 was my first trip to Crewe! Lovely. We lost that one, could’ve sent them down I think.

Brighton Sky Blue

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Just looking through the squad that season, my brain completely wiped this happening

0 appearances mind you
We were apparently signing players off ourselves in those days:

He follows the lead of Bryn Morris, who joined City from the Sky Blues on a season's loan in August.


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Went to Rochdale in the league one winning season one of my favourite ever away games

Top day....i got absolutely soaked in lager whilst bouncing around with the coked-up youth in the concourse that day.....I do love a mosh pit....old habits die hard

...and now you're gonna belieeeeeve us....we,re gonna win the league....


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When I went there last time I thought the pies were decent but Wegerle wasn't, swearing at the ref and getting sent off
That was the League Cup game and the club put on loads of coaches at a subsidised rate. The driver of the one I was on didn't even know where Oldham was and was heading to Liverpool until I told him that is was in Greater Manchester. My last time there was a dreadful 0-0 when Pressley was manager and our team included David Prutton, Anton Robinson, Nathan Ecclestone & Mark Marshall!

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