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    Would that be like shorting?
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    Taxi cancelled for Robins

    And that's the last time we're feeding you,and if you haven't got a car get on your pushbike to Sixfields pronto.👀
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    Do you want to discuss boring politics?

    Isn't it wonderful to see the property market overheat giving away taxes to inflate the asking prices of a fair bit of tat. At the rediculous point again where you can't get a reduction even when you've had a full structural pointing out various serious fault's need addressing. Estate agents are...
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    Do you want to discuss boring politics?

    Anyway unpaid bill from October resulting in a ccj. Possibly a handily placed little snippet of gossip backing up his woes that he's not paid enough . Expect the PM salary to inflate by around double.
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    Retained list

    Only conjecture on my part,but wondered if the form wobble might have been related to the lack of New contract discussions.
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    It's poignant watching hospital on beeb 2 tonight from walsgrave . Knowing the outcome for the 50yr old they've featured.
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    Derby County deduction?

    Be interesting to see what EFL do. I mean SW went to a court and had the penalty halved. Makes a bit of a mockery of EFL sanctions if another body (court for sport) can overturn or amend its decisions.
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    Ben Sheaf future

    Tbf it's just Ireland isn't it? Good jest though.🤗
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    How are Husky computers doing?👀
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    Best TV shows or movies you can recommend

    Lilly James is smoking in Pursuit of love . Now onto the new series of Fargo. Oh bugger and I need an early night.🥶🤭 Yawning emoji.
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    Do you want to discuss boring politics?

    Like they need it FFS. It's cool enough to keep changing the boundaries increasing the intake etc. Bring it on we're monitored 24/7 , vaccine passports for everyone everywhere while we're at it. Can't wait till I we're all chipped tbf.
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    21/22 season expectations

    Great!! What the Dickens.🤗
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    21/22 season expectations

    Ten more points please,conservatively what we blew this season. Unfortunate word that Conservatively .🤔😉🤭
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    No indeed, Just a Chinese one coming back in............... Somewhere.
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    Derby Sheffield Wed Match Thread

    Don't think the purported bloke taking over has any money tbf. Would likely load more debt on them. If it hasn't happened, I'm not sure it will. I may look like a pratt as it may have happened but been too busy to keep track. 🙄