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    Self Learning Thread

    What laser is that? I used to be a laser and water jet programmer. Would love a little toy like that
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    Split it in two and make it both.
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    I hope you have big plans for an awesome man cave?
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    Acacia is one of the dodgy bits. Well dodged. I’d love a decent garage like on your picture. Not got one at my place. I have one of these type without the garage Check out this property for sale on Rightmove!
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    Welcome to the hood. I’m the other side of town, Coalpit is spot on, some good honest folk down there. Used to do my paper round down there
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    The old hollybush farm at Astley cross roads are best mate. Top quality panels, less than £20 each.
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    Where’s this then? Coalpit fields or the other side of Nico?
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    Match Thread The Aston Villa Relegation Party

    This thread is as scummy as a Sunderland thread celebrating our bad times.
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    Trainer Refurbs

    What is wrong with you people? I generally wear the soles out before they look worn. Just chucked a bag full in the tip that all looked like new until you look at the bottom.
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    I did a 2mile time trial last night. Fell off the top of Corley moor all the way down to Allesley. Managed to sneak under 13 with 12:58. I think a sub 20 5km attempt will be on soon. If I can break that barrier albeit downhill I’ll be able to bring it back to flat and maintain the pace.
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    IMPORTANT: Downtime tonight

    I know my way around this software. Same as the fappening forum
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    Is there anywhere that shows how many have covid in each hospital? Hearing the Eliot is struggling with the amount of Covid patients.
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    Pre season starts

    Is the knee better now then mate? Don’t think you’ll make the grade with a gammy knee.
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    I had that bad boy for 3 months. I was wearing thick socks to run. Changed to thin socks and it went away. Didn’t stop running.