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    The official NFL Thread

    Wentz is getting a right pummelling every week at the moment, so I am not even sure he will last the season. Aren't they against Seattle this weekend?
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    Tier 3 for us

    And we all know the answer to that don't we, if the scientific calculations are to be believed.
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    The official NFL Thread

    Jerry Jones' face on Thanksgiving is often a joy to behold. 🤪
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    Our first game with fans?

    Yup. Wycombe away, 2023.
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    Brandon Wood Closing

    I did Brandon in 78. That was just the first 9 holes though. I gave up after that. Certainly more than big enough for a football stadium and parking for 30,000 cars.
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    Fans back in stadia by Xmas?

    No Christmas Day meals out to be found here then.
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    Fans back in stadia by Xmas?

    So tier 3 for Birmingham, Coventry and Warwickshire.
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    Fans back in stadia by Xmas?

    My heartfelt condolences on the opinions that you have.
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    I would always go for quote and then block. That way you always have the last word.
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    Match Thread Cardiff

    How old is he, 6 and a half months?
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    Darnell Fisher

    Damn predictive text. 🤪
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    Darnell Fisher

    I had absolutely no idea you played football with Dennis Wise.
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    US Election playlist

    The Fool
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    US Election playlist

    Death of a Clown
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    The 'not so obvious' hot babes thread!

    I haven't got round to her shoulders yet. 😊