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    Shipping to Cefovid Uganda - GoFundMe

    250 nicker now. Well done all.
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    Well, that completes a memorable weekend as W*sps choke again and lose after leading by a decent amount against 14 men. Oh dear, etc, etc.
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    Derby County deduction?

    Whatever it is, looking forward to the shit and fans.
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    Derby County deduction?

    That's what I was thinking. There must be much more buried somewhere. Seems odd though.
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    Derby County deduction?

    But is it a thing? That just seems to have come from nowhere unless I've missed something. Timing seems contrived if it is a thing.
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    Recommend a beer

    Yes, I should've had a trawl through. Will look out for the Sam Smith's. Thanks.
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    Derby County deduction?

    Is this likely?
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    Recommend a beer

    Don't think I could drink more than one at a time. Fancied trying one, and it was all I could find at the time. What would you prefer?
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    Recommend a beer

    Or maybe the big Welsh bird? It's my missus's birthday :)
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    Recommend a beer

    A Kindle and a plant...
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    Welsh Drivers

    That's a lovely road.
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    Recommend a beer

    Not my usual type of tipple (by a long way) but I fancied a change, and I'm really rather enjoying this
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    Millwall (H) Saturday 8th May, 12:30pm

    Just finished reading through the entire thread, and it makes such a refreshing change. I first logged in at about 3.15 wondering if there was any score yet. Why didn't I realise they were early KOs? What a dickhead. Anyway, it was lovely to see the scoreline, so I'll take that. Huge...
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    Ian Wright: Home Truths

    That was courageous, and I applaud you. My wife was subjected to some vile things, that I won't elaborate on, by her older sister (who also later pimped out her young teenage daughter) and to a lesser extent by her older brother. Both were (are) a lot older than her and had ostensibly taken on...