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    Salary Caps

    I think the average championship wage bill is more like £36 million a year
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    Moving Forward - New Stadium Questions

    Will it be named the Julian Gray Arena?
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    Wigan gone in to admin

    They only got taken over 4 weeks ago. Seems strange to me
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    New Season Kit - Any News?

    My mates uncle works for Hummel. I'll ask him if he has any information
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    Where are you watching the game today?

    The Watering Hole, Perranporth (if they are showing it!)
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    Rip Tommy smith

    Massive racist though
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    The trains and Coventry station platform queue situation

    There's no trains from Cov on bank holiday Monday. Will need to go from Leamington or Nuneaton
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    Commonwealth Games?

    Yes and yes
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    Help with my dissertation

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    Greatest Cover version

    Nirvana - The man who sold the world
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    Call it now...

    Man City Middlesbrough Blackburn Luton
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    Court Match Thread

    I'm surprised Gilbert doesn't like her when they have things in common
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    New striker

    Has been banned for the first six matches of the season for doing a Suarez and biting an opponent!