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    i don't see that. sadly, hes just not good enough.
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    i will happily lay that
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    Joke Commentary Yesterday

    was greg having a go at marosi as well ?
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    wow. Sell sell sell !. That would secure our future for the next 3 years and gets us to the next meaningful stadium news
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    Quest v Norwich

    i didn't even know there was a channel called quest. sounds a bit sci-fi. never been a wish of mine to see what Colin Murray thinks of the cov performance. If i want to hear the thoughts of people who dont know the game as much as our management team, i can read out match threads. Each to...
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    Match Thread Norwich

    read back on the thread when he joined, not quite as complimentary as your post
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    he’s been such a find. Cov captain one day, no doubt at all
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    Quest v Norwich

    I didn’t even know there was a highlights programme on. who bothers with these this day and age ?.
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    Ratings - Norwich

    the ref could have easily cost us at the end. there was a huge appeal to their defender wiping out Giles, ref could have easily blown for the free kick. it Was a great decision by him to play on.
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    Match Thread Norwich

    yer, sad to hear one of our fans call him that., one of the good guys
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    W(her)es Jobello

    like someone who had been out for 14 months. he wasnt at the races today, but its to be expected
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    Match Thread Norwich

    hucks is normally very complimentary about us. i dont share that view of him. what did he say ?
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    Ben Wilson

    next to the one grim fisher wants to build of joy ?
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    Match Thread Norwich

    they are right, we would look at a bid
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    Match Thread Norwich

    Great stats