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    Match Thread Peterborough (H) Fri 24th Sept 7.45 ko

    What was the score!!!
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    Match Thread Peterborough (H) Fri 24th Sept 7.45 ko

    What is the actual score Tony, I’m watching the Special s in Camden and get that we’re winning/won. But what’s the score ?
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    Crowd v Peterborough

    Going to watch the Specials in London Friday night, mate booked the tickets ages ago.
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    Bright and Robins

    Cheers 👍 cheers
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    Bright and Robins

    Forgive me but I’m not up to speed on the latest regarding Bright, I presume Robins has released an update on the situation, or at least made reference to it.
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    Why is our passing so poor in the final third?

    Teams tend to have more time on the ball and more room to pick a pass when moving the ball out of defence and through midfield on account of the opposition having to take up positions spread over a large section of the pitch, as the attacking side hones in on the opposition penalty area the...
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    Why our start is so important

    I would say the defence on the whole looks more comfortable and composed than ever, the main reason for that I think is Simon Moore ‘what a revelation he has been.
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    Robins is our king

    This is still my major worry, everything seems perfect and balanced atm, but money speaks louder than anything else. Loving this time more than anytime in my City memory bank, long may it continue.
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    Membership / Season Tickets

    It’s pathetic, why can they not just send all the tickets out before the season starts, like every other club manages to do, I really can’t understand what they’re struggling with.
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    Gyökeres Hard G Amnesty

    I just call him Viktor :unsure: it’s easy to pronounce, and besides we’re top friends.
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    Boro fans

    I think Steve Gibson would have seen more of a return on his considerable investment, had he not shown Bryan Robson the loyalty that he did. Boro were spending huge money back then ‘at least on a level with other big clubs but it soon became obvious that although Robson was the man to bring the...
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    Match Thread Boro' Match Thread

    He’s a horrible nasty piece of work but his record at this level cannot be ignored.
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    Match Thread Boro' Match Thread

    Without wishing to get to far ahead of ourselves. With Cardiff H, Millwall A, Peterborough H, Luton A coming up before that game, there’s a real possibility you could be flying in for a top of the table clash.
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    Fulham at home on Sky

    Home games are 360 mile round trip for us (4 of us) so we were planning on match packages as we can’t make enough games to justify season tickets. Haven’t heard anything yet about match packages, mind you I haven’t checked for a little while.