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Basically, anything you have that you treasure like Gollum and his Precious, and anything the wife isn't allowed near.

Mine is a Hadji and Chippo signed Fez; bought it off a mate in '03 for £50.

Also, a Sky Blues History hard-back, signed by the likes of Dietmar Bruck, George Curtis, Bill Glazier and Willie Carr.

I've got a signed Cedric Roussel '31' shirt from 99-00, but guess who tried to wash it after I'd worn it out to a local match last year? Needless to say, she isn't allowed anywhere near my preciouses anymore.


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I got my Dad a painting of that FA Cup Final goal by Houchen and its signed by the team. Also have the FA Cup Winners tie and program, definitely my precious!


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I have a 'complete history of CCFC' bookfrom 1978 which was signed by Mick Ferguson. I was in hospital on my birthday and my then teacher knew him and got him and Oakey to visit me.
I've got my city shirt from 1987 which was a medium then but looks more like an extra small these days:(. I've also got my collection of programmes from every round of the 87 cup run amongst about 35 years worth that I've collected from games.


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A patch of hallowed turf in my back garden

.... nicked from the HR pitch after the last ever game

had it in my pocket all night but it survived!


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I have a mint condition original copy of the fa cup song bought before the final and has been in a protective case since the day I bought it


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I've got a signed ball from a couple of seasons ago. It was a prize in some competition on the website. Can't even work out who half the sigs are!

Also got what is allegedly a piece of the kop that they were selling in the club shop after they knocked it down to build the new stand.


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My downstairs bog contains my precious 1981 Talbot kit subbuteo 11 in original box, my highfield road mug circa 1978, my ticket to the last ever game at HR (the day I met Sir Jimmy) & the FA Cup final programme (which I was given by my old footy coach cos I never got a ticket to Wembley)

the subbuteo team is my favourite item, mainly cos back in the day, that team smashed Liverpool & Arsenal every week & during 1982, it also beat both Italy & Brazil to lift the world cup.....


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Got so much CCFC memorabilia, it's too lengthy to list.

Got every City home shirt and home programme since 1986. Almost every CCFC book that's ever been written in the last 30 years.
Framed pictures of Highfield Road and the Ricoh, plus signed picture of 87 cup winning team. And so it goes on and on. Am intending to sell the lot shortly.

We still are and always will be massive CCFC fans and ST holders but just need to de-clutter.


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Got loads of stuff but the smallest of them is my train ticket to the 87 Cup Final and obviously the match programme and both mean a lot.When I was a youngster I collected books,programmes,autographs,and kept them all in boxes in my bedroom.They meant everything to me but when I left home to live with my girlfriend I left them there,which turned out to be a massive error, because about a year later when I went back to collect them to my horror they'd gone.I asked my mum where were they all ? She calmly told me she'd threw them out as she thought as I was now an adult I wouldn't be bothered !! If she wasn't my mother I would have probably strangled her as I was that angry,but she said why was I making such a fuss over old stuff ? And to add insult to injury my then girlfriend called me immature for in her words :"making a mountain out of a molehill." Only other football fans would understand why I was in bits !


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Hundreds of home programmes going back to 1955 aways to 1963. A Few scarves and shirts,almost every book about ccfc and plenty of videos and dvds


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I nabbed a piece of Highfield Road rubble during the demolition, little bit of sky blue paint still on it.


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i have the full team from fa cup win on cards but framed along with a team photo


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i also have book of newspaper cuttings showing the sky blues scores and match reports from 1900 up yo 2007

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Here's a daft one.

On one of the many, nail biting last home matches of the season in the old 1st division. Don't remember either the opponents or the score but at the end of the match Stuart Pearce in the Director's box at Highfield road, let the cork go from a Moet & Chandon bottle of bubbly. It went up like a bullet & from my seat in the Main Stand I caught it & kept it.

I should check the records to see which match it was.


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Somewhere I still have my sky blue hat complete with pom-pom that my mother knitted for me in the 1960's.


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I've got the coat / hat stand from the manager's office at Highfield Road and (bizarrely) one of the small fridges that used to be in the Executive boxes there.

Damn that auction in 2005!


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I own 642 home programmes dating back to 10th December 1983 (the day I started to support the club), and a spreadsheet documenting them all as well as the gaps in my collection (136). Fcking hell I need to get a life.


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have a lot of signed stuff, kits pictures westwoods gloves, but i love McGoldricks last worn shirt signed. Still has the mud on it ha ha

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