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Sky Blue Harry H

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Our lack of pressure is painful to watch
Totally agree. The back needs to push up and go man to man if we have to. Can't let them 'kill the game' so easily. Far too easy. Be very surprised if he doesn't change things, be it players/shape.


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Or just seeing out his contract without injury.

Thats unfair - the formation isn’t working - he doesn’t work with Palmer and needs a better outlet


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Ultimately King’s stubbornness in Jan will cost us.
Yes but we own all our own players so all fine and it means we have done better than last season apparently.

We really should have been more flexible and pragmatic. A couple of loans would have made all the difference.


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Well that was pretty pathetic. Far far too easy for WBA this. Positive, it's only 2 at half time this Friday


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Old enough to remember when we had an owner who thought taking a punt was a good business plan, we've only just about recovered from it

Would it really have solved all our problems getting some loans in? We'd have spent a chunk of money which we then couldn't spend in the summer and would still have been fucked when we lost Sheaf, Allen and Sakamoto one after the other

It would be a huge gamble on not just getting to the play offs but winning them and potentially weaken our chances in the next 2 or 3 years as you can't spend it twice

2 loans where we had to contribute circa 12 k a week, in the wide positions, to maintain a system we were getting results with is 100% fucking worth it

As we're seeing now


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That was a hard watch.

i can accept the first goal as a bit of individual magic, but that second goal was soft as shit.

Can’t see us getting anything out of this. At 1-0 it was still possible to get something, can’t see us getting 2 or 3 now. Would’ve been a different game if Eccles shot had gone in.


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Wasnt going to say anything but im fuming so fuck it

Dennis Lawrence isnt going to be here after the end of the season


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Besides 2 decent chances we were pretty poor tbh , too slow , too many extra unnecessary passes , no press at all and lacking a bit of fucking passion tbh


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We’ve been shit since we beat Leicester and our style of play is getting boring and a box ticking exercise


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Always the problem with this formation. Especially when you don’t have two players a level above the league.
TBF Bidwell was often further forward than anybody other than Gyokeres. The two clowns playing there this year just don't seem to have the appetite

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Well that was awful. Zero pressing, no cohesion, they’ve strolled through that half

We are setup not to press initially. So they can just fuck about with it for as long as they like. Exactly why we were shite early in the season.

I’m seething ffs. Ha ha. Need a can.

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