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Jun 29, 2020
I actually do not really understand what you mean by that. I can only assume that you maybe misread my posts!? Other than that, honestly no idea!

However, it did make me smile remembering my great grandad on my mum’s side. A stevedore at Millwall docks, and a who as a young man served in the Royal Navy fighting the Kasier and then in the Merchant Navy trying to defeat Hitler.

He was born in Bermondsey in 1896 to a typical working class family of the era and place. Yet, he voted Conservative all his life. Apparently my dad used to always question this, as he was and still is a Labour voter. My dad used to say he didn’t understand how a working man could vote for them lot. To which my great granddad apparently used to reply ‘I was born into nothing and I fucking don’t aspire to continue to have nothing or give up what I have managed to get for myself’.

As I can only think you meant to insult me, it did make me smile as to what my great granddad, a navy boxing champion, would have to say to some spoilt and pampered baby boomer / generation Xer / millennial (delete as appropriate) withering on about what East End Dockers should think about socialism.

Anyway, I only came on to say it sounded a good game today (a ding dong Championship match) and Coventry brought a large and loud support. So I hope all you Sky Blues that went had a decent day out. I was stuck at a child’s birthday party in one of those horrific warehouses with play pens etc., so I am under no doubt that I have seen more hooliganism and toxic tribalism than any of you today.

Again… good luck to Coventry City. Genuinely mean that, for reasons already stated.
Quality reply and read respect to you and your family!!


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Jul 7, 2012
It was a great trip. Cycled to London Bridge from Euston then walked to ground via Bermondsey mile route. Lots on independent breweries next to route of train tracks. Did exactly the same on way back. No need to catch tube at all. I didn't see any Millwall fans apart from walking through lots of them at South Bermondsey train station to walk back to London Bridge. Forced to go there after the game even though had no intention catching a train, reminded me of 80s policing.

Overall a very positive experience based on the Bermondsey beer mile route.
Not entirely sure why the police gave us the option of waiting for the left walkway to get to the SB train or walking to the right and having to walk through a mob of home fans?

Oh wait, it kicks off and that = more £££.