If a tree falls in Colchester - TLS Report

peace ndlovu

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Nov 4, 2017
“Tragically I’m not around for a game until Wycombe away on the 29th December, so you’ll have to find some other way to waste ten minutes for a while”.
No waste Laurence! The absence of iFollow made this, even more than usual, required reading.
And all the better for not having to endure shite like “THE 10 best places to take an elderly relative in Coventry” or “How a selection of unhinged, mad as a box of frogs, Coventry fans reacted to Saturday’s win/loss/draw”
Great work in 2019. More of the same next year please!


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Jul 17, 2015
Shame on you disappearing in our month of need - farewell temporarily to your postulating football prose on behalf of the Phoenix city currently residing in the Western Stans

looking forward to the restart !
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