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What are these big dirty ads that have just started appearing

Even when hidden they annoyingly cover the menu button on the top left


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Recently, perhaps a fortnight ago, the forum has been filled with adverts.

I’m using Firefox on an iPhone, with an ad blocker, but to no effect.

I noticed a recent cookies warning which doesn’t seem to allow me to disable them, don’t know if that’s related?

I’ve switched back to tapatalk which allows me to block ads for £1 a month.

Id rather just use Firefox though, we’re Cov, we’re on a budget.

Has anything changed Nick?

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Hmm are you signed it? Google changed something automatically which I changed back.

Are you logged in?


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Thanks Nick.

Logging in seems to have solved the issue, I’m an idiot.

I don’t know why I was logged out, maybe a recent update?

You’ve saved me £1 a month on tapatalk anyway.

I’ll put it towards keeping Gyokeres.

Thanks for your help man.

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