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David O'Day

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Premier League Package holders screwed over again, thanks Doug. Like the Surprise Shirts debacle all over again.
Where the fuck did it say that you'd get priority for away tickets?


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All the “can you get me a ticket” lot that never go who have been texting me right now

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I've had that too, but as we need an extra I've replied, 'no, can you get me one' I'm sure they probably think I'm being my usual sarcastic cunty self 😀


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stop being shellfish
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backwards question - a friend of mine only has 40 loyalty points - does anyone know how LP's work? if they bought tickets to the next game but couldn't attend the game itself, so didn't use the ticket, would they still get the 10 LP's ? or is the LPs calculated on a scanned ticket/or just the purchase of the ticket?
Points not valid for upcoming games apart from assigned tickets getting the points?


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Anyone know if you login to ticket account now, if you get kicked out at 12 so better waiting to login until nearer 12 and join a queue?


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Half that for us and we should be able to get most season ticket holders in the lower bowl if they want to



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So not being a season ticket holder but having over 50 points as I go as often as I can and take my lad. I can get 1 ticket from next Thursday, but my lad having never brought a ticket ever as he is 12 cant get one as I guess all his points would be on my account for buy 2 seats. DOH

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