1. Johhny Blue

    Penalty vs Crewe (or not)

    Watching the highlights of the Crewe game it looks to me that the foul for the penalty was committed outside the area. I haven't read anything on this. Thoughts?

    What's the Crewe fan doing behind the goal?

    So what's the Crewe fan doing behind the goal after the first Armstrong goal?
  3. JimmyHillsbeard

    Crewe sold out

    600 tickets sold this am. Not letting us in home end. Not a happy atmosphere here
  4. R

    Crewe away ?

    Anyone know availability of tickets for Crewe game ?
  5. SlowerThanPlatt

    Crewe away

    Tickets are now on sale for Crewe away on the 2nd of January. No priority sale - straight to general sale because of the Christmas period. This is an all ticket game
  6. pusbccfc

    Youth Cup v Crewe

    2-0 up at half-time, Sambou with both. The kid knows where the goal is, doesn't he?
  7. johnniericoh

    RATINGS v Crewe

    Burge 7 Willis 7 Ricketts 8.5 Johnson 8 Stokes 7.5 Lameires 8 Vincelot 8 Fleck 8.5 JOB 9 Armstrong 8 Madddison 8.5
  8. 87mint

    Crewe Match Report

  9. T

    Crewe Fans

    They may not see this but if they do, fair play boys and girls! Nice touch to bring the flag out alongside the 15th minute applause!
  10. dubed

    Crewe Manager view

    Following the 3-2 defeat, the Alex boss told the club's official web-site: "I thought it was a pulsating game of high intensity. It was a quality game to watch and be involved in with both teams having a real go to play their football and try and attack. I am always deflated to lose the game...
  11. Otis

    Crewe match player ratings

    Burge -7 Willis - 6. Thought he had a very, very solid game. But was definitely at fault for their second goal, so have adjusted my score for him and knocked a couple of points off. Ricketts - 6. A little bit error riddled tonight. Reda- 6. See above. Both made a few errors that could have...
  12. rob9872

    Crewe - Guess the attendance

    Just for a bit of fun - nearest one wins a nice warm feeling of superiority I don't think we'll manage the 30k+ for the JPT game, but I think a very respectable 13,274 What say you?
  13. Alan Dugdales Moustache

    Anyone now questioning a season ticket after that Crewe performance ?

    ...been a season ticket holder for years. Never left matches so early as I have this season. I ask myself , why on earth renew after what I have witnessed ? Would any season ticket holder on this forum chance their arm on an early-bird season ticket (assuming we stay up ) without knowing...
  14. torchomatic

    Crewe Match Thread

    Ladies, gentlemen and hysterical girls, welcome to my first ever match thread. Comfotable 3-0 win to us in front of 15K adoring fans. You read it here first.
  15. oldskyblue58

    CCFC vs Crewe match

    Lot of talk about other stuff (by me included) but match tomorrow. All but safe and perhaps with less stress but with some pressure still on to be absolutely sure the lads will turn in a good performance for 90 minutes. Hopefully with more than 8000 watching. Crewe need points themselves but are...
  16. A

    Crewe ticket sales

    Does anybody know how ticket sales are going for this Saturday as the club have reduced the prices?
  17. pusbccfc

    Excuses For Not Going The Crewe Game Thread

    Let's guess what the excuses will be for not going the Crewe game. I'll start... '£10 is still too much for a football game. If they posted me the ticket, gave me a free shirt, free parking and a pie, I'd be tempted.'
  18. Alan Dugdales Moustache

    Price reduction : Guess the crowd for Crewe

    It's a long way off but I thought I'd get this going before the queues appear at the club shop and we all get too excited about a full house. So I'm going with a cautious 15, 220 ...miles out, I hear you cry.
  19. C

    Crewe tickets reduced to £10
  20. C

    Crewe Alex maybe a lesson

    Crewe Alex - possibly a lesson for the Pressley out faction - Crewe were rock bottom of the league in the middle of December, the board and many of the fans stuck by there manager Steve Davis - since then they have taken 22 points out of 30 and beaten Bristol city the leaders - View from the...