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  1. Gint11

    Callum Wilson Where to next

    Unfortunately Wilson is too injury prone
  2. Gint11

    Match Thread Ipswich v Coventry Match Thread

    I hear ya but we’ve won there already this season so psychological advantage with us I feel
  3. Gint11

    Match Thread Ipswich v Coventry Match Thread

    Probably not. Probably keep it tight, counter and get what we can. To be fair a draw would be a decent result.
  4. Gint11

    Match Thread Ipswich v Coventry Match Thread

    We’re due to give someone a hiding and it’s coming Saturday. They are low on confidence and out of form. IF we go 1-0 up early this will end up being 4/5 so I’m going for it. 0-4 City
  5. Gint11

    Ipswich v Fleetwood

    Hopefully. A 0-4 Saturday would do it.
  6. Gint11

    Meeting with Joy Seppala & Dave Boddy - Thursday 27th February 2020

    Quick one guys, might be said but I’ve not read the full thread. When talking about a 4 sided stadium was there any talk of the building design being anything like how Highfield road was? Such as having a west terrace type area etc? I’d fucking love a modern day Highfield rd!!
  7. Gint11

    Ipswich v Fleetwood

    The way the stats read tonight, we’ll give Ipswich a hiding on Saturday. Got a feeling Lambert will get the boot this week if they lose this one tonight
  8. Gint11

    St Andrews

    I was behind the goal in the Tilton end. I thought it was weird being in the lower tier and having to leave the stadium via the higher tier but I think that’s just the layout of the land around the ground. The concourse was rammed but I got served by a van outside the entrance. Didn’t have a...
  9. Gint11

    Transfer Rumour Benno

    The judging going on here, blimey....the bloke almost written off in 10 posts....embarrassing
  10. Gint11

    James Maddison

    10% plus Freddy Adu
  11. Gint11

    Bright Enobakahre

    mate, come on, use your loaf and take your bright glasses off. The lad is a prospect and at times, exciting but where this obsessing loving comes from is beyond me. What about the other 10 players on the pitch with him? Kelly, hiwula, Shipley etc? He had a good game at Sunderland (I was there)...
  12. Gint11

    Bright Enobakahre

    Yes he made a difference but he didn’t do it alone.
  13. Gint11

    Bright Enobakahre

    don’t agree with that at all.
  14. Gint11

    Bright Enobakahre

    I wasn’t waxing lyrical over Bright when we we had him but he would add strength in depth if we secured him on loan again so I’d try and do a deal
  15. Gint11

    Jodi Jones

    He’s got to be risked at some point but while the team are performing there’s no need to rush back. Sub appearances I’d do for now to get minutes in his legs. Forget U23s he needs to be in the thick of the action where points are at stake
  16. Gint11

    No planned incoming activity

    Yeah, to be fair his attitude is brilliant so it appears
  17. Gint11

    No planned incoming activity

    Personally I’d keep Baka until the end of the season. I don’t rate him and the 20-20 goals song was ridiculous. However he gives us a different option off the bench and can play well and influence games.
  18. Gint11

    Match Thread Match thread - F a cup 3rd round - Bristol Rovers

    Absolutely 100% don’t rest players. We are high on confidence and wins keeps jay momentum. We also have a chance to get through, earn money and a big draw. Unchanged team for me
  19. Gint11

    The "Half" way point

    Football is a simple game. We’ve got a better team using a system that suits, players playing mainly in their right position and now confidence is high. Weve got form at a good time. If we can keep that up and stay clear of injuries I can’t see why we can finish 1-6th
  20. Gint11

    From the other side

    Great video, enjoyed watching that. Although we deserved the 3 and I’m buzzing, just shows football is fine margins in the sense that it could have easily been 2-2 during that sticky spell. Great save from Marosi