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  1. skybluelee

    Shrewsbury tickets

    Apologies if I have missed a thread on this but have any non-ST holders received their match tickets for Shrewsbury yet? Ordered mine weeks ago and still nothing.
  2. skybluelee

    Programme Subscription

    Does anybody else here subscribe to the matchday programme? I've just renewed mine. £115 for the season! I'm sure it was £85 last year (possibly £90). That is some hike!
  3. skybluelee


    Sort of I plan to do this and then head off to the match in the afternoon. Just wondered if anybody on here does the parkrun in memorial park on Saturday mornings? Is there plenty of parking and is the course relatively flat? Cheers
  4. skybluelee

    83/84 vs 15/16

    Has anybody else noticed the similarities between this season and 83/84? Our high point arrived on 10/Dec 83 we battered Liverpool at HR to sit 4th in the league. After that we barely won a game and stayed up on the last game of the season; Upto and including the Liverpool game P17, W9, D4...
  5. skybluelee

    New retro shirt

    Nice shirt. Anybody else getting one?
  6. skybluelee

    Best City XI of All-time (Strikers)

    Ok bring it on, this should be interesting. The best 2 strikers of all-time plus the decade you started supporting the club. Voting closes on Thursday at 8pm. My votes; Dion - Unplayable in 97/98, simply unplayable. Didn't see him lose out in an aerial battle once. 72 goals at a rate of a...
  7. skybluelee

    Best City XI of All-time (CM)

    This should prompt an interesting discussion and a wide range of nominations. As with the CBs please choose 2 central midfielders, and again, the decade you started to support the club. Voting closes at 4pm on Monday. My votes; McAllister (the most gifted player I have ever seen in a City...
  8. skybluelee

    Best City XI of all-time - LM/LW

    Ok guys, we are now onto Left-sided midfielders, as part of a 4-4-2 formation to keep it simple. Same as before, best player of all-time and the decade you started supporting the club. Voting ends on Friday at 1pm. My vote - Ndlovu. No player in my lifetime created more expectation and...
  9. skybluelee

    Best City XI of All-time (RM/RW)

    For simplicity we will go for a traditional 4-4-2, so same rules as before - this time the best right-sided midfielder/winger of ALL-TIME and the decade you started supporting the club. Voting closes Wednesday at 6pm. My vote - Bennett Decade - 80s Changed my mind - I vote Hadji.
  10. skybluelee

    Best City XI of all-time (Central defenders x 2)

    Same rules as before, your choice of ALL-TIME player (but this time TWO) and the decade you started following the club so we can see how the different generations of fans are voting. My votes - Peake, Killer Decade 80s Honourable mention for Peter Atherton.
  11. skybluelee

    Best City XI of all-time (Left-back)

    Ok people. Best Left back of all-time please and the decade you started watching the club. My vote - Stuart Pearce, not contest. Decade - 80s
  12. skybluelee

    SBT Best XI - The Results

    Overall 1st XI GK Ogrizovic (36% of vote) Overall 2nd XI GK Glazier (23%) 60s Fans' vote GK Glazier 70s Fans' vote GK Blyth 80s Fans' vote GK Ogrizovic 90s Fans' vote GK Westwood I will add to this as and when each position has been voted on. Cheers
  13. skybluelee

    Best City XI of all-time (Right-back)

    Ladies and Gents Same rules as before. Player and the decade you started to follow the club. Voting closes at 12pm Monday. My vote - Nilsson Decade - 80s Honourable mention for Bugsy who gave distinguished service for over a decade, but for me Nilsson was nothing short of the perfect...
  14. skybluelee

    Best City XI of all-time (GK)

    I'm a bit bored and thought it might be fun to establish a 'Best ever City XI' as voted for by SBT. I was thinking of voting for it one position at a time, starting obviously with GK. I will keep the voting open for 1 week per position and compile the results from people's responses. For...
  15. skybluelee

    My Saturday

    I just wanted to share my experience from last Saturday. The attached photo was taken in TMs office prior to the Gillingham game, at which both of my daughters were mascots. It was my youngest's first ever game and the eldest's second, and due to the experience are now City mad. Neither has...
  16. skybluelee

    Title odds

    Now joint favs (with BetVictor) with Walsall to win the league at 4/1. I love this season.
  17. skybluelee

    With The Gods t-shirts Anybody seen the new t-shirts on the club shop site? They look quite good, but £28 seems very steep. On the black one - who is the player pictured (before my time)? Also, the narrative states that it lists Coventry City...
  18. skybluelee

    Online merchandise

    Has anybody ordered any City merchandise online? How long do they tend to take to dispatch items that are in stock? I tried to buy a fleece before the last home game from the shop but (as is usually the case when I go in there) they only had XXL ones so ordered online. Cheers
  19. skybluelee

    JSB ticket query

    JSB under 12s are supposed to get into games free (I think) but when I have just tried to get some tickets for the Chesterfield game there doesn't seem to be an option to choose a JSB ticket, just a Junior ticket which is £5. Anybody had this problem and know how to resolve it? Cheers
  20. skybluelee

    Latest odds

    Now 2nd favourites to win the league behind Sheff U at 7/1. Pleased I stuck a tenner on at 25s before the season started. :-) PUSB