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  1. Exit Stage Left

    Ricky on CWR

    We have just won our third league game in a row and scored nine goals in those games with two hat-tricks from Matt Godden. It's a shame then people like Ricky ring up CWR straight after a game like this and make the call all about Coventry not playing at the Ricoh Arena. Come on mate, just...
  2. Exit Stage Left

    CWR phone-in

    Bizarre final phone in on CWR tonight. The final call was a guy who rang up and completely ignored Clive's invitation to talk about the game. Instead he asked Oggy where he and the other players use to park their cars before a game at Highfield was on street parking...
  3. Exit Stage Left

    Liam Watson

    According to Clive on CWR we have signed Liam Watson.......I think he means Liam Walsh, but you never know with Clive.
  4. Exit Stage Left

    Rob Bonnet, what a p***k!

    I just heard Today cover the sad news of Bury being expelled from the EFL and couldn't believe how unprofessional their "sports reporter" Rob Bonnet was. You could clearly hear him chuckling away when Michal Hussein asked him his views on the crisis at Bury and then later laughed at the subject...
  5. Exit Stage Left

    No More Transfers?

    Listening to the interview Mark Robins gave to CWR yesterday, he seemed to indicate he won't be getting any more players in this transfer window unless some players he currently has leave the club and that would then force him to change things. He also seemed to get a bit annoyed when the...
  6. Exit Stage Left

    Where is Rick Gekoski?

    I was going through a few old things in my loft this afternoon and came across a book called Staying Up which was written by American writer Rick Gekoski and was about Coventry City's 1997-98 season. It's actually a good read and reminds you of how things were before the Ricoh Arena and...
  7. Exit Stage Left

    First Impressions Of The New Players

    Rather then rate the new players out of 10 which seems slightly unfair on only 45 minutes of pre-season action against a non-league team, I thought this thread could just give your first impressions on the new players after the first pre-season friendly at Leamington. GERVANE KASTANEER: I was...
  8. Exit Stage Left


    I know this should probably be on the off topic forum, but if there is a thread on the Lee Pomeroy murder, I thought I could start one on Boris Johnson. Forget if you're Labour or Tory, Brexit or Remain, a Guardian reader or a Telegraph reader.......can it ever be right for a neighbour to...
  9. Exit Stage Left

    Does Anne Lucas still go to games?

    I remember before the Ricoh Arena row Anne Lucas went on Central News describing herself as a Sky Blues supporter who went to the home games and cheered the team on. Has anyone ever actually seen her at a game? I would love to know what sort of reception she receives from fellow CCFC fans.