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  1. AStonesThrow

    Harry’s Birthday-Club/Player Contacts

    Hi all. Today is Harry’s (my eldest son) 8th birthday, and you all know how much he loves the club. Do any of you on here have contact or can get in touch with any players at all, just to send him a quick birthday video message? I know Jodi always seems happy to do things like this, and he’s...
  2. AStonesThrow

    Whilst we’re on the subject...

    My son has been training and playing for Bedworth Warriors for around a year now, absolutely loving being part of a proper team. Unfortunately, the guy who was running the show in the beginning was actually on the fiddle, pocketing parents money paid for training fees, shirt sponsor money too...
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    Ermmm, hello 😏⚽️
  4. AStonesThrow

    Three new friendlies

    I’d heard about the Peterborough one but the others are news to me. Wolves on Tuesday MK Dons on the Saturday after Peterborough the Saturday after Coventry City's next three pre-season opponents revealed
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    Sorry guys new to using ifollow. Does anyone know where I can sign up so I can wast her todays game? I’ve got a VPN running so appearing abroad, I just need to find where to sign up
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    Have we found the new Clive?

    Non football so move if needed Nick, just thought you’d all appreciate this. For anyone unaware of who Carole Baskin is, she’s the ‘bad guy’ of the Tiger King series, an animal rights activist who takes on Joe Exotic ‘the Tiger King’ and tries to shut him down. Some genius contacted her for a...
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    Seppala Donation

    Posted this on the fundraiser page but might not been seen by many so thought I’d post on main threads. Erm, has anyone else noticed that Joy Seppala has once again donated £2,000?! She has genuinely fallen in love with us as fans, as a club and I firmly believe she’s no longer just the owner...
  8. AStonesThrow

    Pump It Up - CCFC Promotion Story

    Evening all, hope you’re all keeping well. I saw a week or so ago that CoventryLive were (barely and with a very small ad) advertising an upcoming article detailing our success this season. On a whim, what with it being a CT production, I entered my email address in order to be sent the...
  9. AStonesThrow

    Interesting Trust Action

    So I’ve been looking for a new job (if anyone knows of any going!) and I came across this on Indeed. Strange thing to do right? Seems pretty desperate to me
  10. AStonesThrow

    CCFC Title Win Reactions/Celebrations

    Seeing as we can’t really get together anywhere to celebrate this properly just yet, I created this for us all to share videos & pictures of our celebrations! Enjoy this feeling lads, it’s been a special season!
  11. AStonesThrow

    Childhood memories of CCFC

    I’ve been thinking back to my early memories of supporting Cov lately, based on the ‘what made you a CCFC supporter thread’. Early days I didn’t get to see Cov play very often, only when my grandad or uncle couldn’t go I used to use their season ticket. A few memories through the years growing...
  12. AStonesThrow

    Something a bit different

    One of my strange interests and area of strong knowledge is world flags, so I created this quiz for you guys to have a go at. Might keep you busy for 5 mins, no googling! Play Kahoot! - Enter game PIN here!
  13. AStonesThrow

    Slow & Boring CCFC players - Take No Mandy

    Yakubu to start it off sorry SkyBlueDreamer for the awful pun based on yours!
  14. AStonesThrow

    City XI with three or more syllables in their surname

    Sorry Otis! ————Konstantopoulos———— -Atherton-P.Williams-De Zeeuw-Antonelius- —McAllister—Gunnarsson—McSheffrey— —Huckerby—Bakayoko—Moldovan— not saying the best XI, but these are the first I could think of!
  15. AStonesThrow

    Arena Tesco

    Just a heads up lads, Arena Tesco now only letting one person in per household, turning families with kids away and saying only one parent in to do the family shopping. Just to save any of you getting up there to be turned away. Stay safe
  16. AStonesThrow

    Potentially does not bode well

    FA announces season is over for non-league clubs below National League North and South
  17. AStonesThrow

    Peter Whittingham
  18. AStonesThrow

    Sam McCallum upfront fee revealed

    Ok so there’s been talk about how much we got up front for McCallum, rumoured upto £3.5million. Norwich’s sporting director came out yesterday and said “I think everyone knows us well enough that we’re not paying £3m up front for a 19-year-old who’s played 21 games in League One,” shown in...
  19. AStonesThrow

    O’Hare Injury

    Fair play to the lad for carrying on and actually improving after this. Nasty cut that Pasteboard - Uploaded Image Pasteboard - Uploaded Image Can’t seem to get any image hosting sites to work so you can see the photos on the thread, but the photos are in the links. Any ideas? I tried the...
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    Happy Christmas all, I hope you and your families all have a good one this year. And here's to a prosperous 2020, along with a good promotion push! Enjoy all, and stay safe