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  1. Otis

    Spain 6 - 0 Germany

    Never thought I would see the day Germany would be beaten so heavily in a qualifying competition. It's the Germans heaviest defeat in any competition.
  2. Otis

    Songs for ads

    Seems anything goes these days and there is even a slice of King Crimson in one current ad on the go. We obviously have Bold instead of Gold, for the Spandau Ballet song, but I wonder what other songs or lyrics would fit certain ads, with or without a bit of adjustment. Iggy Pop's Lust for Life...
  3. Otis

    Billy Kee the bricklayer

    Glad to see he has found a degree of inner peace, having quit professional football at the age of 29, due to anxiety, bulima and depression. Fair play to him. Billy Kee: Former Accrington Stanley striker rebuilding his life as a bricklayer - 'I tried living the dream, now I'm happy laying bricks'
  4. Otis

    Non-sexual fruit and vegetables

    Are there any? Been chatting to a friend online and I called her a daft aubergine one day and put up an aubergine emoji. Her 16 year old daughter saw it and said you can't do that, that represents a fat penis. Worse still, I put up an aubergine and a kiss. I had actually started calling her...
  5. Otis

    Rebecca Long-Bailey sacked

    BBC News - Starmer sacks Rebecca Long-Bailey for sharing 'anti-Semitic article' Long-Bailey sacked for sharing 'anti-Semitic article'
  6. Otis

    This is outrageous

    BBC News - White woman called police on black man in dog row White woman called police on black man in dog row And clearly racially motivated.
  7. Otis

    Revenue idea if only BCD for the foreseeable future

    Just wondering.... let's assume it will be BCD when football resumes, be that this season, or next. So, streaming of games with a fee to watch. Not going to be enough revenue now is it, as we know So, what if (just throwing figures off the top of my head) it is say £15-£20 per game. Could we...
  8. Otis

    Best film cast

    Just been watching A Few Good Men for the umpteenth time. It's a great cast. Tom Cruise Jack Nicholson Demi Moore Kieffer Sutherland Kevin Bacon JT Walsh Cuba Gooding Jnr Kevin Pollack Christophe Guest Xander Berkeley Noah Wylie Just wondering which movies have the best ever casts in your...
  9. Otis

    Grunge - A great unifier?

    Just been watching a documentary about the Seattle grunge scene. Now, I am from a punk and indie/alternative background and never ever cared for metal or rock much at all and I and sure there are so many out there who like rock and metal, but did not and do not care for punk. Bit of a...
  10. Otis

    Dumber than Dumb

    Dumbest Corona story I have heard so far.
  11. Otis

    Mask or no mask?

    Just wondering. No-one by me seems to be wearing a face mask and none of my family are either. Do see quite a few in the supermarkets though with them on and also people driving with them on. So, just wondering.....
  12. Otis

    City players who were panned, or not rated by most, but who you quite liked

    For me.... Connor Chaplin Sean Flynn
  13. Otis

    If you had ever had the chance to play for the City....

    Which Sky Blues player would you have most resembled in playing style? For me, I would say probably someone like Dave Phillips. I would never give up, always kept running and was a no nonsense type of player.
  14. Otis

    Which City X1 has had the most international capped players within it?

    Not players who went on to be capped later on, I mean players who had already been capped at full international level when they played for us. So, a side that we put out in a game at a given time and that contained the most international players within it. I really have no idea.
  15. Otis

    Sky Blue tenuous links

    Looking for any City player whose surname is the same as someone you rate, like, or admire. Can be a fictional character too. Example : Mick Ferguson - Rebbeca Ferguson. So my first one is..... Steve Hunt - Gene Hunt
  16. Otis

    Guess the score

    A City game. This season. City at home. Game 1 Possession Home64% Away36% Shots Home23 Away10 Shots on Target Home5 Away3 Corners Home9 Away1 Fouls Home8 Away11 So, predict what you think the score was.
  17. Otis maybe I am being a bit thick...

    But how does Uber Eats work in terms of vouchers? They have the weirdest deal right now. Spend £5 and get up to £15 off. Doesn't make sense to me. Anyway, deal runs out today and my daughter has been urging me to try it and wanted German Doner Kebab. So......placed the order...... Came to...
  18. Otis

    Ponytailed X1 - Take no panties

    Hadji Chippo
  19. Otis

    City players with one syllable surnames

    Can we form a decent team of 11, out of City players with just one syllable surnames? Blythe Coop Peake Breen Pearce Rees E Hunt Carr S Hunt Stein Green Think that would be a very decent side. Any alternatives?