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  1. skybluelee

    Boddy article

    Works for me every single time. Just plug my laptop in via HDMI/USB and away I go.
  2. skybluelee

    New Shirts on the way

    Still nothing here either. Ordered home and away plus kids shirts as soon as they went on pre-sale. Bit shit really.
  3. skybluelee

    New Shirts on the way

    Everything about my order smacks of huge delay - printing, away shirt, youth shirt. Half expecting to get the 3rd shirt before all this lot shows up.
  4. skybluelee

    New Shirts on the way

    Anybody still waiting for home shirts? Still waiting for mine despite pre-ordering as soon as they were available.
  5. skybluelee

    New Shirts on the way

    Anybody who added printing received a dispatch notification yet?
  6. skybluelee

    New Kit

    Yeah I did see that. Could even stretch that to Sunday I guess!
  7. skybluelee

    New Kit

    They are pushing ''end of September dispatch' to the limit!
  8. skybluelee

    Little bits of history.

    Yeah Zuniga scored v Bradford too.
  9. skybluelee

    Little bits of history.

    Zuniga - Peruvian
  10. skybluelee

    Little bits of history.

    About 10 teams claim to hold this record.
  11. skybluelee

    Championship Club Membership - 1st Sept

    According to Tynan Scope they are the same fit as last year.
  12. skybluelee

    Fans back in !!! kinda

    I'm getting CCM and a ST for this very reason. It costs me £60 in fuel plus parking plus ticket to get to a home game. £260 for a ST will save me a fortune compared to a normal season if games are BCD or reduced attendances for even a couple of months.
  13. skybluelee

    Championship Club Membership - 1st Sept

    Have the club released any more sales updates since the 1,200 within 24 hours one? Surely they will sell out the 3,500 allocation within minutes of it opening up to members etc
  14. skybluelee

    New Kit

    I had the same issue with printing. The option wasn’t available when I pre-ordered at the weekend but it was by Tuesday. Had to cancel the first order and place a new one.
  15. skybluelee

    Wasps downward spiral...

    Their lowest league attendance was 9,500 on 7/3. Clearly this is inflated by the free tickets thrown about out like confetti but even the official figure was lower than our last league match in Birmingham , v Sunderland (just over 10k).
  16. skybluelee

    Fans back in grounds in September

    That really isn't 'the spike'. Numbers of deaths are consistently falling and have been since they peaked in mid-April. For me the next few weeks are going to tell us whether a 2nd spike is likely. Infection rates have stalled at around 1,200-1,300 for the last week or so (possibly linked to...
  17. skybluelee

    Championship favourite fixtures....

    Bournemouth please, 40 minutes on the train, happy days. :-)
  18. skybluelee

    New Shirt(s) 2020-21

    1,250 were made as it was the 125 year anniversary. It was a weird design where the back of the shirt was longer than the front.
  19. skybluelee

    Match Thread Ipswich v Coventry Match Thread

    36 points from our last 14 matches. Astonishing.
  20. skybluelee

    Biggest achievement, 87 Cup win or promotion ?

    Winning promotion from Division 3 wouldn’t get close to matching the achievement in 87. 7th in 88/89