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    Female refs and Coventry city

    It was Amy Fearne and I think it was a match against Notts Forest.
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    Broad Lane is in the East of the city? Great work there.
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    Sky Blue Harry H

    Was this a match against Crewe? I remember Doyle getting sent off. He made a really bad tackle, got booked then carried on arguing with the ref right in front of us. When the second yellow came out I've never heard so many people shout in unison "for fecks sake Doyle" before.
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    Karl Robinson: "We got kicked from pillar to post"

    How on earth Brannigan didn't even get booked for them lot I'll never know.
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    Brand new scoreboard screen for the Ricoh

    it says it's going to be in the south stand.
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    Cov V Blackburn 95/96 season

    If you've got Sky as well they've got highlights of our victory Vs Man United in 1997 on demand.
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    Sky Blue Sports and Leisure Limited Being Wound Up?

    The website has been seemingly updated, any relevance?
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    Article in today's Observer

    They'll probably threaten the guardian like they did a few years ago with the Trust.
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    City of Culture Bid

    The promotional booklet that was given away with the Cov Telegraph a couple weeks ago had a whole paragraph on sport at the Ricoh. It mentioned Wasps, Wasps netball and that it hosted Olympic football. Doesn't mention anything else.
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    Where are we playing next season?

    Wasps we're sisu all along and did it so they could get both sports at the Ricoh at the same time? :O
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    Simon Gilbert - Click Bait

    It is all papers but it only seems to be the Telegraph that gets called out on it on this website.
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    Season ticket prices 17/18 season

    The "award winning" journalist posted an opinion piece a few days ago.
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    Season ticket prices 17/18 season

    They've already got the Coventry Observer banging this drum for them.
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    Sky Sports News

    Tim Fisher came across as very Piers Morganesque.
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    The Butts - CRFC Confirms it is willing to join mediation talks

    That idea ended up being what kickstarted the Skydome.
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    Academy ground share

    It's Woodlands school isn't it? The Telegraph mentioned it last year.
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    Racist chants

    Some of the songs they sang were: "your dad runs a corner shop" (to the tune of your grounds too big for you) "you're just a small town near india" "jihadi John, he's one of your own" And that other jihadi John song which I can't remember the words to.
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    Racist chants

    I heard it and also tweeted about it on the day. Case reopened.