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    Wembley kick off time unkown

    Wembley website says its 1630, The club say it's 1430. Who's right? There's only one way to find out......
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    Scg meeting notes from Thursday
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    Has Tudgay signed a new contract?

    Reading between the lines of his latest tweet to ivor Lawton.
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    Coventry City fans like cake

    According to a yougov survey Most likely to have a bird as a pet as well.
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    Seating changes for Ricoh Return

    North stand (Coventry Telegraph) to be closed on match days unless attendance is predicted to exceed 18k. South stand to be opened up to away fans enabling fans to sit nearer to the away fans. Thoughts?
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    Open letter from Joy and Tim

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    trouble brewing - future football league sanctions? More deadlines! Yay!
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    FourFourTwo - Top 50 FL players

    In the latest issue out today they do a countdown of the top 50 players in the football league, Callum Wilson isn't included (but is a part of the players who missed out feature). Leon Clarke is at number 44 and it says "...Moulineux faithful are chuffed to have him back."
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    Byng still interested in the club Byng and his Chinese investors are still interested in buying the club but will not make a move until the legal issues involving the club and the council are dealt with. So about 5 years time...
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    Lines of commentary we will hear tomorrow.

    Bit of a light hearted one this. 'Free kick given away by Webster' 'Bendnter skies it from 5 yards out'
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    Last few minutes against Preston Enjoy people.
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    New shirt sponsor unveiled this afternoon

    According to the clubs twitter account It's gonna be CBRE isn't it?
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    Clarke hands in transfer request Sounds like it's been begrudgingly accepted by the club.
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    Fourfourtwo Feb 2014

    4 page article about the youngsters at the club comparing them to the specials, great article. Do recommend buying it when it's in the shops (issue with Bayern Munich on the front)
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    Adrian Durham

    Not bitter about the result at all..... Thoughts on our "blatant cheating"?
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    Darren Murray - new Under 18s coach

    Sounds good and is highly rated, his experience with a situation similar to ours will help as well.
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    Real Fan

    Not at the game lads. (Is this any different to the other thread?)
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    More from APOM Intriguing. Hmmm, has Mr Fisher been telling porkies?
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    Joy Sepalla to meet MEP

    At least she's meeting the important people eh?
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    Chant for Manset

    To the tune of "We love the Mango" from the Rubicon adverts. "We like the Manset we like the Manset ohhhhh we like the Manset."