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  1. IrishSkyBlue

    Match Thread Coventry City vs QPR

    That was Dabo at his finest was a bit lucky but O’Hare in the right position get in
  2. IrishSkyBlue

    Match Thread Coventry City vs QPR

    Robins needs out a fire cracker up their asses now second half kick in from that goal
  3. IrishSkyBlue

    Match Thread Coventry City vs QPR

    That was a harsh pen on us, we seem to be just going through the motions no spark anywhere
  4. IrishSkyBlue

    Ex Player Watch

    ah really? i really wanna see how ponti does in the national league hope he can stay fit and bang in the goals for them he deserves it!
  5. IrishSkyBlue

    Ex Player Watch

    anyone know how ponti is doing who did he go to again?
  6. IrishSkyBlue

    Council meeting - 18/8

    what i dont get if they are saying all this then why not reach out to sisu and say hey look heres some options to get ye back playing in coventry lets start fresh the club is going in the right direction ect, it all seems smoke and mirrors to me they say they want a big club in coventry for...
  7. IrishSkyBlue

    Transfer Rumour Bye Bye Kasta

    we have more ins then outs makes sense really and frees up more wage for robins to work with!
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    ive only been to the ricoh once was good to get there and see coventry play at home for the first time in my life, i hope i can get over for a game this season aswell but having our own stadium is key now, sisu need look forward and really hammer home getting this done if the want the fans...
  9. IrishSkyBlue

    New Kit

    loving this one
  10. IrishSkyBlue

    New Stadium Announcement!!!!!!

    ya i double checked 240 million google fucked me over lol
  11. IrishSkyBlue

    New Stadium Announcement!!!!!!

    it cost 240 million my bad lol i typed in 30 million euro stadiums and it came up ha
  12. IrishSkyBlue

    New Stadium Announcement!!!!!!

    correction i just double checked 240 million stupid google said 30 million oopsss ha
  13. IrishSkyBlue

    New Stadium Announcement!!!!!!

    this is atletico madrids staduim 30 million euros
  14. IrishSkyBlue

    New Stadium Announcement!!!!!!

    anyone know other clubs that have their stadium built for 30 million and what they look like and size?
  15. IrishSkyBlue

    Site confirmed for New stadium

    so what am i missing here lol?
  16. IrishSkyBlue


    rip whats sad news to lose a fellow sky blue
  17. IrishSkyBlue

    Genuine Question-SISU

    Does anyone know roughly how much we are worth without a stadium and what we would be worth with one in the championship or the premiership wold there be a huge difference is selling price for sisu? im gonna take a complete guess here below: championship with stadium: £30 million championship...
  18. IrishSkyBlue

    Uganda CCFC

    i checked flights online on sky scanner just to see, the cheapest month is November, return flight be £700 so depending on the month ya be roughly 1k flights - 10hr flight over and 11hr flight back
  19. IrishSkyBlue


    reading that majority are fair comments with us going up, they are more pissed with rotherham instead lol
  20. IrishSkyBlue

    Next season

    this and if we can stay in the championship maybe new buyers might be interested in us!