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  1. Badgerdan

    Looking for all Sky Blues in Norway

    As the title says I'm on the hunt for all sky blues fans from or living in Norway. We've become a big group now (I thought I was the only 1 when I first moved here) so there could be more out there for meeting up for TV games and the potential trips to the ricoh
  2. Badgerdan

    Cov fan in Norway helps club :)

    Check this link out, no need to use google translate. All it says is a Coventry City fan in Norway wanted to support his local Norwegian club by buying advertising space, so he did and used 34 meters and wrote COVENTRY CITY FC :)
  3. Badgerdan

    Sisu out facebook page and sisu out mask for download

    Download your very own SISU out, Leon Best/Zoro type mask :) Wear it to every game, at work and hey you can even wear it to bed so the wife gets the message and moans about it to all the other gossipers at her work. Hopefully spread like wildfire :p Join the SISU out facebook page and help...
  4. Badgerdan

    A ccfc uprising, a new type of protest

    How about a new type of protest, something bigger that'll get good media coverage? I suggest surrounding the entire ricoh, all fans side by side hours before the game. It'll look great from the air and would (if we get enough to turn up) gather great media coverage as its a different style of...
  5. Badgerdan

    sisu investigation

    Did anyone listen to that mp on BBC cov &warks this morning, he who's asked the government to investigate who owns our club? He mentioned Leeds were in the same boat but the premireship weren't happy with the hidden investors so had to change it to Ken Bates as the owner before promotion...
  6. Badgerdan

    Online radio? BBC Cov&Warks?

    Is there anyway of getting BBC Cov&Warks online? iPlayer switch it off "due to contractual reasons" I did use Player from the website but it's gone up in price this year and they're now using Mercia commentary :(
  7. Badgerdan

    Table positions in the Championship

    Our table positions in the Championship 10-11 18th -04 gd 55pts 09-10 19th -17 gd 54pts 08-09 17th -11 gd 54pts 07-08 21st -12 gd 53pts 06-07 17th -15 gd 56pts 05-06 08th -03 gd 63pts 04-05 19th -12 gd 52pts 03-04 12th +13 gd 65pts 02-03 20th -16 gd 50pts 01-02 11th +06 gd 66pts