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  1. mark82

    Article about academy coach Chay Thompson

    Found the below an interesting read. It's an interview with academy coach Chay Thompson.
  2. mark82

    Open Letter on Behalf of Coventry City Fans

    All, On behalf of all Coventry City fans we, as fan groups, demand representatives of both Wasps RFC and Coventry City FC to return to the negotiating table to agree a deal for the return of Coventry City to the Ricoh Arena for the 2020/21 season and beyond. Recent local media reports have...
  3. mark82

    Moving Forward - New Stadium Questions

    Although we're still having conversations in the background about other issues, it's probably time to look forward. I think everyone believes that a new stadium should be the priority now, whether that's fans or internally within the club. I appreciate we all want immediate proof that the build...
  4. mark82

    Request to waive NDA - email to Wasps, CCFC & Sisu

    Below email sent to Joy Seppala, Dave Boddy, Nick Eastwood, Stephen Vaughan, Derek Richardson earlier today........ Dear all In February this year we decided that, in the absence of adequate fan representation, we could no longer wait for wait for events to play out so we looked to speak to...
  5. mark82

    Forum Statement on New Stadium Announcement

    "As supporters of Coventry City we are delighted by the joint statement from CCFC and Warwick University. It is all the more pleasing given the assurances we received earlier this year from Dave Boddy & Joy Seppala on the priority that CCFC and Sisu were placing on having a stadium of our own...
  6. mark82

    Wolves Vs Burnley

    Penalty decision at the end in favour of Burnley. WTAF.
  7. mark82

    Official Online Promotion Party

    Not sure if people have seen this:
  8. mark82

    Dabo Pass

    I can't get enough of watching this pass/cross from Dabo. It's pure class. No way this guy doesn't eventually play Premier league.
  9. mark82

    Impact on Local Businesses of CCFC Move to Birmingham

    I've seen something on Twitter that suggests one business local to the Ricoh Arena (Bull & Anchor) has lost revenue to the tune of £25k per match day while we've been away. That's staggering. I'm going to reach out to them to verify as part of what myself & Pete are doing, but got me wondering...
  10. mark82

    Meeting with Joy Seppala & Dave Boddy - Thursday 27th February 2020

    Following the statement issued on behalf of this forum in January by Pete Griffiths (@Sky Blue Pete), myself and Pete met with both Joy Seppala and Dave Boddy on Thursday 27th February. We started by sharing some background information on why forum members collectively felt the need to issue...
  11. mark82

    Erling Haaland

    Played 136 minutes across 3 games since signing with Dortmund, scored 7 goals. Works out at 19 minutes per goal. Already the 10th top scorer in the Bundesliga this year. The kid seems like a special talent.
  12. mark82

    Statement on behalf of the Sky Blues Talk online forum.

    Statement on behalf of the Sky Blues Talk online forum. Sky Blues Talk is a forum of 7500 members; it is the oldest and one of the largest online Coventry City Football Club (CCFC) fan communities. 371 members responded to a recent survey, with 98.4% confirming that they fully support this...
  13. mark82

    10 Day Enforced Break

    What are people's thoughts on the 10 day enforced break? Is it good for the squad to get a rest or does it disrupt our momentum?
  14. mark82

    Match Thread Polite Notice (AKA Grendel, Nick & Orca's Argument Thread)

    Please can we try to keep threads on topic. We don't all have to agree but can we stop threads descending into personal arguments, I'm bored of it and I'm sure many others are too. Let's not go back to the days where every thread descended into name calling and off topic arguments. Thanks
  15. mark82

    The Trust / L&W Supporters Group

    A question for members of the Leamington & Warwick supporters group...... Have representatives from the trust been out to your meetings at any point/recently to talk to fans? Just trying to gauge how/if they are actively getting out to engage with fans.
  16. mark82

    Match Thread Doncaster Vs Bristol Rovers

    Doncaster already 1-0 up.
  17. mark82

    COMPETITION: Win tickets to Coventry City vs Sunderland courtesy of Carabao

    Carabao Energy Drink has teamed up with Sky Blues Talk to give five lucky Coventry fans a pair of tickets to see Coventry City vs Sunderland on the 29th of September. Currently in the second year of its partnership with the EFL, which includes the title sponsorship of the Carabao Cup...
  18. mark82

    Lack of investment in playing squad

    Firstly, I know we've brought in plenty of new faces over the summer and seem to have made some good signings. My issue is the lack of investment post the McNulty sale. Since then we've signed Hiwula for a reported £150k & Bakayoko for a reported £70k. That's approx. £220k of £1.2million. It's...
  19. mark82

    Sky Blue Revolution by Jim Brown

    Has anyone got a spare/not needed copy of Sky Blue Revolution by Jim Brown in good condition (it would be a gift) that they'd be willing to sell at a reasonable price. Spoken to the publisher who confirmed it's out of print. Seen it on Amazon/eBay but people want stupid money for it.
  20. mark82

    Watching the Playoff Final in the United States

    Do any of our US based members know how I'll be able to watch the game on Monday in the United States? ESPN seem to hold the rights but I don't see it on their schedule, other than via paid for online streaming which I assume I won't be able to register for as a non-US citizen. Sky Go is...