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  1. Mucca Mad Boys

    Wycombe ticket sales latest?

    Does anyone know how many tickets have been sold for this game as of the 28th? The website said 900 tickets had been sold out of 1800 on Xmas eve. With ticket prices being cheap this is a game I'd like to go to, but I don't want to risk travelling on the day and not get tickers. Any info would...
  2. Mucca Mad Boys

    2018/19 Transfer Window Review

    With Robins finally securing his top target this summer, how do we rate this summer’s business? Here’s a few things I like about our recruitment policy: Longer term contracts: most players have been signed on 3yr deals. Hopefully, this will add some continuity that we’ve missed in our previous...
  3. Mucca Mad Boys

    How Would You Rate Our Transfer Dealings This Window? (Jan 18)

    The transfer window is done and dusted, so I'm curious as to what people's opinions are on how we've got on this window. In short, I think we've done quite well, I'd rate our dealings as a 7/10. I think we needed to replace Jones and Andreu as best as possible, and I think the two young loanees...
  4. Mucca Mad Boys

    Extended highlights: Grimsby

    Gutted I couldn't go to the game, but I found extended highlights on the Grimsby website. I really like the look of the team. Jones had another good game! Freeview: Extended Coventry Highlights
  5. Mucca Mad Boys


    Firstly, I want to say fair play to Daniels and Wilson, both have been a revaluation, Daniels was written off by many, I was close to, certainly had nowhere near the faith SP had. As for Wilson, I owe him an apology, totally wrote him off and he has been amazing, but the success of both of these...
  6. Mucca Mad Boys

    What was the objective...

    Of ACL rejecting the CVA? The way some people on twitter made out, it was going to be 'the best thing since sliced bread', plenty of people urging ACL to reject the CVA, I personally didn't see how it would affect anything, but then again, I didn't look into it. Now, with hindsight, all I can...
  7. Mucca Mad Boys

    Statue for Mr Fisher

    For his fabulous work at CCFC I think he deserves a statue next to Jimmy Hill. Anyone agree? ;)
  8. Mucca Mad Boys

    Where are the...

    11,000-odd people that signed the petition to keep CCFC in Coventry? We only get 10 on average! Good effort for people that did sign, but we really need more people to actually go to games.
  9. Mucca Mad Boys

    Ben Turner

    Do we get any bonuses for Cardiff getting promoted? I got told, that the deal for Turner was in excess of 1.75(ish)m with clauses.
  10. Mucca Mad Boys

    Preston Haskell IV

    This thought came from a conversation while waiting for the bus post game: He's worth 190m, but, how much of that is worth is his properties/property ventures? Is he actually that rich?
  11. Mucca Mad Boys

    Hoffman and Elliott

    What have they actually done to be treated as heroes? They've been involved in this regime and the previous ones (Elliott definitely) and when you compare PO to Hoffman and Elliott to Clarke, it is a lot more hostile towards Clarke? Why? All Cov fans, all been involved in the club, whilst it...
  12. Mucca Mad Boys

    Summer Transfer Window

    How many players do you think we'll sign? SISU, PHIV or anyone. Where do you think we need to strengthen? Where do you think we'll come next season?
  13. Mucca Mad Boys

    Steven Pressley

    Why is everyone on his back already? I for one, think he's doing ok, the results under him have been typical of our season so far, inconsistent. I'd like to praise him on selection last two games, picking Barton and Fleck has overall been positive for the team as well as Moussa on the wing...
  14. Mucca Mad Boys

    Was Thorn a legitimate contender?

    It's annoying seeing people suggest that Thorn was appointed as 'cheap option', but had an impressive 3-5-2 (W-D-L) record, so my question is, as stated in the title, was Thorn a legitimate contender for the job for the 11/12 season? IMO, he was, we played well or the last 10 games picking up...
  15. Mucca Mad Boys

    You know what...

    ... I think Pressley was a good appointment, I was speaking to some lads at school about the appointment, and they were disappointed, but actually, I was quite happy, and assuming the 5 names in the running were; Dickov, Brown, Curle, Black and Pressley, he's probably the best choice. Brown, is...
  16. Mucca Mad Boys

    After the loan and mortgage is paid for the RICOH...

    ... And ACL start making profit, which would go to their shareholders, my questions are: where will that profit go AND also, how will Coventry as a city benefit if ACL makes profit? I personally don't see us normal folk benefitting!
  17. Mucca Mad Boys

    Radical overhaul...

    ... Is one needed? we have underperforming players all over the park , in particular, Bailey, Jennings, Sheff, Dickinson (well, I'm just convinced he's shit), Cameron and Baker. So I'm going to ask this; under Carsley, and MR's last games, we've been poor, and the same culprits keep...
  18. Mucca Mad Boys

    Take The Offer Or Face The Legal Consequences. - Carter

    ACL Chairman issues ultimatium Arena Coventry Limited Chairman Nicholas Carter has told the Coventry Telegraph that all negotiations are at an end unless Coventry City accept their final offer to solve the Ricoh Rent row. Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, Mr Carter said: "The board of ACL...
  19. Mucca Mad Boys


    On reflection on February so far, he's started all but one game, Yeovil, can anyone say he's good enough to start ahead of talented midfielder such as Moussa? Has 1 assist this month, and his last goal was v Oldham, in my view, he doesn't warrant a starting place v Bournemouth, and neither do...
  20. Mucca Mad Boys

    Best team since relegation from the Prem?

    I'd probably go for: Westwood Keogh Turner Dann Fox Wise Gunnarsson Clingan* McSheff** King Best/Juke I have a minor handicap, I only started going regularly after the move to the RICOH and went as a JSB at HR and didn't really know much about football when I went, I just enjoyed going...