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    Seeing peoples reviews of him lately what has happened to him? i dont really get watch games i go by what ye say in the threads and the team ratings but sounds like his just not doing the job anymore so why is MR playing him nearly every game? Just wondering what your take on him is and what...
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    Voyager 1 & 2 documentry

    Pretty amazing considering how far they have gone just shows how massive space is and how minuscule we are in the universe, it will be sad when we lose contact with them in the next 7 years.
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    Which car would you go for * buying a new car*

    So im upgrading from my shitty eclipse here in toronto trust me cars not cheap here or insurance lol, so ive boiled it down to 2 cars i love both of them ones a audi tts sports coupe 258bhp and the other mercedes cla 250 luxury sports sedan im torn between the 2 just wondering what ye think of...
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    IFollow on android box * fingers crossed*

    So i was browsing kiji here in toronto canada and came up for one those android boxes stream anything, i contacted the guy whos actually polish and big football head, told him id be interested if he can figure out stream coventry games from ifollow on the box. he said he will dig into it and try...
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    Anybody know about offshore banking?

    This is towards anyone does banking or has opened a offshore bank for their company, just wondering who you went with or process you went through?
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    The Run In

    This going to be interesting, its in our hands keep winning with a few results going our way a draw between wycombe and notts be good for us.
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    Holy Crap speed of this guy

    Sign him up lol tho league 2 they would just kick him to death if they could catch him lol
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    Opposition Forum Thread - Swindon

    Having a look a there site, its jones they are worried about most saying a draw or its our time to finally beat them: Swindon Town VS Coventry City Official Matchday Thread
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    opposition forum before and after games - week 2 Grimsby

    Heres their thread on us, i think we will get this alot from other fans commenting about us fans still thinking were a premier league club, i dont but we shouldnt be any push over seither and should least be a bit feared in l2 but its us after all lol. Grimsby Town Forum - Coventry
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    Cars Thread!

    Didnt see one, im big into cars myself more modified cars i used to have a toyota supra one best cars ive owned. dream car be koenigsegg regera or laferrari below, as for old skool car have be ferrari f40:
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    need some legal advice getting money back!

    Hey folks, so im not going to delve into this too deep just looking for advice what to do where to go, so i live in toronto and im starting a online business and was looking online for company to get me a offshore bank account, i found a crowd in the UK who are legit so i paid last may 2016, 700...
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    What do you think will happen january sales??

    After TF comments just wondering who do you think will leave how many and how many to come in? im wondering what kind budget we have its looking like maybe 2-3 ive no idea who come in tho with way club is at the moment or what budget we have at all, whats yer take on what will happen in january...
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    What Other Team Forums Say Thread!

    Dunno if this been done, if it has delete it if not well just thought be good see what other forums are saying if anyone else browses through their forums i know i do just see whats said. Add any comments from other forums ect if you want :-)
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    Darragh Leahy - opinions?

    Hey folks, just wondering from people who have seen him play your take on him im curious as being irish would like see this guy go places. He is a CB is he? is he tall? how has he done in pre season from what ye have seen? might he make a few small appearances this season or be loaned out thanks...
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    David Bell Screamer??

    Anyone have a vid of that time david bell scored that rocket i cant remember who was against just remember was a wonder goal from him ha.
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    Good film quiz must try!1

    Good film quiz must try! this is actually really good im stuck on 39:
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    I didnt see the game or havent seen him play, should TM let him go what should he do with him is he taking up wages could be used on another player thoughts?
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    Next 3 games what you expecting?

    So just wondering whats peoples expectations for next 3 games and also do you think it make or break us for 2nd half season, for me we should win all 3 and if we do it should set us up nicely to push on from there and keep pushing for top 2 but on current form you never know with us well either...
  19. IrishSkyBlue

    Is there anyway fans can buy shares?

    Curious to this just seen on another thread about SBT trying buy shares and couldn't, i dont think we can as fans? if we could would you buy shares do you think be an option for fans further down the line if we do well? Do you think us as fans buying shares would benefit the club?
  20. IrishSkyBlue

    Whats the money structure for going up?

    Just wondering what does 1st,2nd and winner playoffs get for going up from league 1 or each league below the premier thanks?